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What have I let myself in for?!

48 hours and counting….

…until my saturday morning ‘cupcake bake-off’ with a 4 year old!!Am slightly worried that he (yes, HE!) will outdo me on the cupcake front so I am having sneaky practice tonight..sssssh

He certainly looks the part (I have photographic evidence from the wee man’s mum!) – apron PLUS chef’s hat, and apparently he has all the cupcake lingo and expertise of a Hummingbird bakery baker, oh dear, what have I let myself in for?!  Not to be outdone (on both outfit and talent) I have my Jamie O apron at the ready (where is that on the fashionista stakes bloggers? Good or bad?) and am in for a night of avid cupcake reading and research with the help of Hummingbird and Primrose Bakery cookbooks.

So, cooking with toddlers, good or bad idea?! I will be reporting back on Saturday no matter what the outcome!  Photos to boot.

Red velvets…done…

It didn’t take long for them to go…have to say they were so much better than expected…recommend you all have a go at making these. Treat yourself to the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, you won’t look back!


and…..drum roll……


Finally some lovely red velvets!

Not much more to be said really…it’s been a long time coming but here are twelve red velvets…..courtesy of me, in my kitchen, and my hummingbird bakery book, cupcake heaven…

oh lordy, cupcake heaven!!!


work in progress!


Hummingbird lemon cupcakes

Gorgeous Lemon cupcakes from the hummingbird bakery cookbook, page 23! Made about ten of these and they were yum, only gave two away, kept the rest for ourselves…. My mum bought me this cookbook as a present for when she stayed with us in august….happy times ahead with this one!  Planning on baking the red velvet ones soon, they look awesome. You need buttermilk which you can find near the double cream in tescos…took me ages to track it down but I’m in the know now.