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ewan mcgregor perfect sense scotland food edinburgh restaurantsI love food and I heart Ewan, makes perfect sense to me….
Now then, let me see….when Sigma Films contacted Monkfish Castle to see if the monkfish would be interested in watching the new Ewan McGregor film ‘Perfect Sense’ partly based in Glasgow I had to confirm a few things first…

I love food (urm, yes!)
I love Glasgow (West can sometimes be best?!)
and I HEART Ewan McGregor

So far so good.  Three strikes, excellent start.  The film is directed by David Mackenzie (Young Adam, Hallam Foe) and McGregor plays opposite Eva Green as the head chef of a Glaswegian restaurant. The film sees Ewan reteam with ‘spud’ from trainspotting.  Exactly how many foodie reasons do you need to see this film? On general release from next Friday (October 4th), go see 🙂


Saturday, it was time for a change of pace and head west for Glasgow…once more our city has been invaded by festival-goers, time to escape!  Priority of visit was to try out Jamie’s Italian which has a beautiful location on George Square in the old GPO building.

Da-da…here it is..so far so good.

Jamie's Italian, Glasgow

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