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Harvey Nix lip smacking cup cake

I think the ladyeeeez will like this one! A pink ‘lip smacking’ cup cake from Harvey Nix in Edinburgh, ‘yum’ aparently so my work chum informs me!

‘High end’ Harvey Nix thinks it’s ok to charge £2.50 for one of these….is it just me or does anyone else think a ‘gob smacking’ price tag of £2.50 is too much for what is effectively a good old fairy cake with some fancy icing on?! I do! Bloggers, it’s time for action!! I am going to knock up a dirty dozen this arvo and if anyone wants one please drop me a comment and I’ll mail one to u for free…you’ll have to be quick though, Mr P is lurking about in anticipation of his favourite red velvets!

Pimp my cupcake!!

Ok ok I know what you’re all thinking….how can one man eat this much cupcake?! Watch this space and you’ll find out! Mr predictable is one slice down with about ten to go…. I wish I could steal the glory but fellow blogger lizzies teaparty baked this little treat, what a star she is!

Winter wedding cupcake tower….yum

So, here it is at last for you to view in all its glory! Mr and Mrs Predictable’s lovely winter wedding cupcake tower…

wedding snowflake cupcake tower!

Have to say it was extremely yummy…dark chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream, blue icing and individual snowflakes on each cupcake.  Fantastic job done by ‘Caketasia‘ in Livingston.  Cupcake heaven for me that’s for sure……and obviously ‘the girls’ enjoyed it as much as me…


Not much more to say on the matter really, enjoy drooling over it!  Be very jealous as I have a few cupcakes leftover in my freezer ready for saturday afternoon tea and cake at home…..lucky lucky me!

friday evening tv dinner…..

Friday night, home alone….what delights can I knock up in the kitchen… Here’s what’s in the fridge –

bag of sad looking rocket, one medium sized aubergine, a few red chillis, leftover humous, chorizo, feta, eggs, fizz (there’s ALWAYS fizz)…..So, what’s it to be….mmmm, think I’ll have to raid the freezer for inspiration…not looking good really and surprisingly am not really hungry…maybe after another glass of pinot it will all become clear, well, you can live in hope I suppose.  Mr predictable is ‘larging it’ in the Basement tonight with the boys….nachos followed by chicken burrito anyone?!

Wanted to revert to last night, a resounding success on the cupcake front, deposit is down, mountainous cupcake tower on order for 9 weeks time, got to be happy with that! Result of the night was bringing home a ‘take-out’ from the lovely cupcake lady…3 glorious little numbers to sample over the weekend, perfect.  Ha ha, that’s dinner sorted for tonight, shocker I didn’t think of that earlier.

I’m afraid that I’m going to disappoint you bloggers as I’m feeling rather uninspired for this weekend’s concoctions. Olive magazine arrived this week so some serious bedtime reading awaits in the hope that a recipe will jump out and grab me…. Off to a little known Italian tomorrow night (Piatto Verde) with some friends so will possibly report back on that but I really do need to get a grip and just get cooking. Sunday will be MY DAY in MY KITCHEN, got to do something, need to post a photo, all this text is getting boring! Catch you on Sunday then! 🙂

midweek culinary thoughts….

Well here we are again, the week is flying in and it’s wednesday already…the only excuse I need to wet my whistle and pour a large hendricks and slimline at about 8pm tonight whilst watching Masterchef… I should try and avoid these kind of daydreams as makes the day at work even longer… Not sure what’s on the menu tonight but will try to incorporate cucumber so it goes with the gin!

Awesome thought for the day though – tomorrow night I will have the pleasure of being a ‘cupcake taster’ and will be able to taste 4 different cupcakes in one sitting and all for free! Life doesn’t get any better than that surely?! There is of course a reason behind all this…in about 9 weeks time I will have the pleasure of looking at (and par-taking in) a few cupcakes from my very own cupcake tower wedding cake…ok, i suppose i’ll have to share a few with G but hopefully he won’t realise that that is the only reason i said yes…..