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Mymonkfish feels very fortunate to have found these boys so now we’re going to share it with you…very cool, very Brooklyn, a pair of bearded hipsters making something we all love….chocolate.

The Mast Brothers from The Scout on Vimeo.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality documentary film making….and perhaps contemplate booking that flight to NYC to get your hands on some really excellent artisan chocolate. The Mast Brothers rock.


Awesome!! Well, that’s one word to describe Jamie Oliver’s chocolate brownies…others would include ‘heavenly’ and ‘divine’ and Mr Predictable who has just downed one in about 2 mouthfuls declared them ‘hardcore’, in a nice way I think?!  Do I need to go on…oh ok then, you should at least see a picture of them, if only to drool even more….

work in progress....

These were so simple to make but the result definitely depends on the quality of the chocolate you use. I used Green & Blacks dark cooking chocolate plus Green & Blacks cocoa powder, well worth it for that smooth rich chocolatey taste.  I also added chopped brazil nuts (good for the GI diet?!) and dried cranberries…..see how well I’m sticking to my five a day??

This recipe is from Cook With Jamie, page 384. So here they are in all their glory.


I’m typing this while tucking into one….life’s good!

100% cocoa solids….an acquired taste for some

Whilst on my hen weekend in York a few weeks back the girls and I happened to find ourselves in a branch of Hotel Chocolat…yep, it’s true, us ladies are partial to the ‘odd’ piece of chocolate…

To my delight they had bars of 100% dark chocolate, I’d never tried it before, the nearest I’ve been to the 100 mark is a  Green & Black’s 85 per-center which to me is nigh on chocolate bliss, yum.

So, I ventured into pastures new and treated myself to a bar.  

for the chocolate purists amongst you!

For some reason it’s been lurking in the pantry since then but I suddenly had a chocolate urge last night so I munched into it with a cuppa.  Mmmm, first time EVER I think I’ve been slightly taken aback with the taste of chocolate, definitely an acquired taste, extremely bitter as expected but once swallowed a pleasing after taste filled my mouth. Best part about it was only needing a very small amount to satisfy my craving…7 out of 10 on this occasion…Green & Blacks 85% still gets top marks for me.