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What have I let myself in for?!

48 hours and counting….

…until my saturday morning ‘cupcake bake-off’ with a 4 year old!!Am slightly worried that he (yes, HE!) will outdo me on the cupcake front so I am having sneaky practice tonight..sssssh

He certainly looks the part (I have photographic evidence from the wee man’s mum!) – apron PLUS chef’s hat, and apparently he has all the cupcake lingo and expertise of a Hummingbird bakery baker, oh dear, what have I let myself in for?!  Not to be outdone (on both outfit and talent) I have my Jamie O apron at the ready (where is that on the fashionista stakes bloggers? Good or bad?) and am in for a night of avid cupcake reading and research with the help of Hummingbird and Primrose Bakery cookbooks.

So, cooking with toddlers, good or bad idea?! I will be reporting back on Saturday no matter what the outcome!  Photos to boot.