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Primrose vanilla cupcakes….with the help of a mini baker

I’ve had a hectic morning today with a brilliant mini baker, 12 vanilla cupcakes and some CRAZY blue icing!  Cupcake of choice was the Primrose bakery vanilla sponge with some freestyle blue icing and various ‘sprinkles’!  Little T was cracking eggs at 10am and by 11.30 job was a good’un.  We had a brilliant time and I’m going to book him in again for another dozen.  He was kind enough to let me keep 3 of the 12 for Mr P who washed them down (all at once) with a cuppa before lunch 🙂  Happy days.

the bake off begins

The mini baker!

sprinkles are go

What have I let myself in for?!

48 hours and counting….

…until my saturday morning ‘cupcake bake-off’ with a 4 year old!!Am slightly worried that he (yes, HE!) will outdo me on the cupcake front so I am having sneaky practice tonight..sssssh

He certainly looks the part (I have photographic evidence from the wee man’s mum!) – apron PLUS chef’s hat, and apparently he has all the cupcake lingo and expertise of a Hummingbird bakery baker, oh dear, what have I let myself in for?!  Not to be outdone (on both outfit and talent) I have my Jamie O apron at the ready (where is that on the fashionista stakes bloggers? Good or bad?) and am in for a night of avid cupcake reading and research with the help of Hummingbird and Primrose Bakery cookbooks.

So, cooking with toddlers, good or bad idea?! I will be reporting back on Saturday no matter what the outcome!  Photos to boot.

Harvey Nix lip smacking cup cake

I think the ladyeeeez will like this one! A pink ‘lip smacking’ cup cake from Harvey Nix in Edinburgh, ‘yum’ aparently so my work chum informs me!

‘High end’ Harvey Nix thinks it’s ok to charge £2.50 for one of these….is it just me or does anyone else think a ‘gob smacking’ price tag of £2.50 is too much for what is effectively a good old fairy cake with some fancy icing on?! I do! Bloggers, it’s time for action!! I am going to knock up a dirty dozen this arvo and if anyone wants one please drop me a comment and I’ll mail one to u for free…you’ll have to be quick though, Mr P is lurking about in anticipation of his favourite red velvets!

Pimp my cupcake!!

Ok ok I know what you’re all thinking….how can one man eat this much cupcake?! Watch this space and you’ll find out! Mr predictable is one slice down with about ten to go…. I wish I could steal the glory but fellow blogger lizzies teaparty baked this little treat, what a star she is!

Marvellous muffins, fast and fantastic?!

Yes, that’s what the book claims, fast and fantastic muffins! So here they are, carrot, raisin, walnuts and cinammon, certainly fast and about to sample the fantastic-ness….”Mr Predictable, get the coffee on will you?”….