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Last night after pouring a very large Hendricks and tonic….classy….we put 87 minutes on the Monkfish Towers clock and got stuck into another Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal.  Yes bloggers, we’re not daft, Ms Monkfish, the number cruncher took 30 minutes, times’d it by 2.9 and cranked the stop watch up to 87 minutes. Then battle commenced…..

To be fair, this particular ’30 minute meal’ was not as complex as others have been. In fact, on this occasion you only require one blender rather than the usual three so we were streaks ahead from the word GO…. Using fantastically fresh king prawns , uber fresh herbs – red chillies, ginger, coriander, lemongrass, garlic – and smooth creamy coconut milk we both agreed that this thai curry was really really tasty and one that will definitely be repeated. It was served with a side of Jasmine rice  and a cucumber salad to take the edge off the hotness – it was pretty hot but in that Thai fresh hot way which doesn’t linger for too long…..

If you’ve got the book then turn to page 132 and enjoy…..if not you all know you’re just ‘one click’ away……click here

Alternatively CLICK HERE for full recipe details….enjoy!

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