Right, enough’s enough, it’s about time somebody stood up for the nation and shouted out ‘30 minute meals….my ar$e’ in true Jim Royal style!

You already know what I’m talking about, you should do, over 1.5 million of you have bought a copy (and that includes me!) and it’s spent a whopping 6 months as number 1 of the hardback non-fiction chart.

Yet again Jamie Oliver is larfing all the way to Coutts and his very own personal banker is rubbing his hands together with joy. We are verging on Bryan Adams ‘Everything I Do, I Do It For You’ territory here.

I’ve mentioned this before about Mr Oliver, you either love him or hate him. This is another love to hate or hate to love situation we’ve got ourselves into and I’m loathed to say it, hrmph, but every recipe I’ve made out of this book (and there’s been a few) has been an absolute winner despite the fact that my ’30 minute meal’ record to date is 1 hour 43 minutes!

So, lets look at the evidence. Do I have a commis chef? No…I know I know, Mr Predictable is always around but he just doesn’t make the grade… Do I have a washer upper? No…. Do I have a few rent-a-mates to assist in my chosen 30 minute assignment? No…. Do I think that in the space of 30 minutes I can get from ‘fridge to blender’…quick read of recipe….., ‘hob to sink’,…. quick read of recipe… ‘oven to pantry’,…quick read of recipe…. ‘blender to….blah blah blah’? Quite frankly NO is the answer to that one. The list of steps required in each recipe goes on and on and so does the mileage I’m doing around my kitchen. Paula Radcliffe is not my middle name. And as for the multiple use of the blender, don’t get me started.

Apart from the logistics hurdle it has to be said there are some great recipes in this book and my choice of the moment is on page 110, Chicken Skewers, Amazing Satay Sauce, Fiery Noodle Salad and Fruit and Mint Sugar. Not only is there the obligatory multi tasking of your blender there is also the obligatory use of Mr O’s inane adjectives…again.

I digress…here’s the results of last weekend’s 1 hour 43 minute dash, we all loved it (Mr Predictable plus Sister Monkfish thought it was splendid) but whatever you do don’t take the ‘revolutionary approach to cooking good food fast’ too seriously, just relax, put aside a couple of hours instead of the instructed 30 minute time frame then you’ll be ok 😉 TRUST ME!

And just to end this blog piece (I’m on a roll today…) I’d like to list my ‘most loved/hated Jamie Oliver adjectives’, in no particular order:-
insane (???)

Urm, excuse me Mr Predictable, could you get me a ‘jazzed up insane’ sherry to accompany my ‘kinda fruity jazzed up goddess’ trifle? Thanks hubs 🙂

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