Saturday, it was time for a change of pace and head west for Glasgow…once more our city has been invaded by festival-goers, time to escape!  Priority of visit was to try out Jamie’s Italian which has a beautiful location on George Square in the old GPO building.

Da-da…here it is..so far so good.

Jamie's Italian, Glasgow

I have read with interest the reviews over the past few weeks which are as varied as the weather has been in Edinburgh the last 48 hours.  However, I am not one to be influenced by others so ‘on with the show’ for us.  We made a bright and breezy pre dinner sneaky peek through the window at 12noon just to ‘check it out’ and it ‘looked good’.

A fair few hours later (and a fair few G&T’s later) and we were back, ready and eager for what lay ahead.  The first thing that lay ahead was the queue outside….hrmph, annoying but expected (according to those reviews..) so we settled in and had a fair old chin wag with our fellow ‘queuers’ of which the chat mostly consisted of  ‘so how long have you been waiting…have you been before…didn’t expect this….blah blah blah’, you get the gist.

Before we knew it we were IN…we were handed a wee buzzer and shown to the bar where we were to wait until buzzed, the excitement was never ending, honestly!  Another drink later…buzzzzz…we were on our way to our table, welcome to Jamie’s Italian empire, Glasgow stylee..

Jamie's Italian emporium

So, there we were, chomping at the bit after an hour’s wait and perusing the menu. Words flashed before my eyes, ‘funky’, ‘lush’, ‘the best’, ‘pukka’ etc…cut to the chase Mr O, we just want to eat! So eat we did…. Meat ‘plank’ (ie a platter but why use the word platter when ‘plank’ is so much ‘funkier’?!…) served balanced on two vintage italian tomato tins – necessary, I think not, but good effort.  Squid with garlic mayo, very good but not enough of.  To follow, Mr P went for ‘lamb chop lollipops’ and I went for ‘wild garlic tagliatelli with smashed broad beans and peas’…all washed down with a fair to middling Pinot  Grigio.

wild garlic tagliatelli with 'smashed' broad beans!

lamb chop 'lollipops'

Yum, total result and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  We had a couple of sides, Mr P – chips (did I really need to tell you?!) and me – spring greens with bacon lardons. Dinner done.

There was room for a slice of chocolate tart (to share) which was lovely, and there ended our visit to Jamie’s Italian.  Expectations were high and neither of us were disappointed. The queue was expected and I’m sure once the hype has calmed down so will the queue but we’ll definitely go back. You know my opinion on Mr O, love him or hate him he keeps getting things right. Welcome to Scotland Mr O, now if you could just open up in Edinburgh that would be great…
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  1. Nice post, I like your style of writing 🙂
    I can’t wait to go to Jamie’s Italian, it’s on my wish list…

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