Awesome!! Well, that’s one word to describe Jamie Oliver’s chocolate brownies…others would include ‘heavenly’ and ‘divine’ and Mr Predictable who has just downed one in about 2 mouthfuls declared them ‘hardcore’, in a nice way I think?!  Do I need to go on…oh ok then, you should at least see a picture of them, if only to drool even more….

work in progress....

These were so simple to make but the result definitely depends on the quality of the chocolate you use. I used Green & Blacks dark cooking chocolate plus Green & Blacks cocoa powder, well worth it for that smooth rich chocolatey taste.  I also added chopped brazil nuts (good for the GI diet?!) and dried cranberries…..see how well I’m sticking to my five a day??

This recipe is from Cook With Jamie, page 384. So here they are in all their glory.


I’m typing this while tucking into one….life’s good!

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