Hummingbird lemon cupcakes

Gorgeous Lemon cupcakes from the hummingbird bakery cookbook, page 23! Made about ten of these and they were yum, only gave two away, kept the rest for ourselves…. My mum bought me this cookbook as a present for when she stayed with us in august….happy times ahead with this one!  Planning on baking the red velvet ones soon, they look awesome. You need buttermilk which you can find near the double cream in tescos…took me ages to track it down but I’m in the know now.

7 responses to “Hummingbird lemon cupcakes

  1. I am licking the screen!

  2. They look yummy!
    how is this cookbook? I read some reviews online and people say there is mistakes in it.


  3. Hi Hilary, I’ve been thinking about baking cupcakes since you showed me the fab cupcake cake photo-the ones above look delicious too-I’ll get baking in the next while and let you know how I get on.

  4. hi Isobel, lovely to hear from you! Am going to make some easter cupcakes tomorrow, super excited at prospect of eating them too! will post a photo for you to drool over…yum!

  5. If you are making larger quantities it is cheaper to buy the buttermilk from the Polish section of the chilled food in the supermarket, I’m lucky enough to have a Polish shop nearby.

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