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3 o’clock, time for tea!  Mr Monkfish senior insisted on a good old cuppa char at 3pm EVERY day, come rain or shine, work day or school day, christmas day or any old bloomin’ day….3 o’clock was recharge battery time, kettle on, brew in the pot, relax.  I’m happy to say that this tradition is still with me and I try to pass it on to everyone I come in contact with, it’s part of my family tradition and long may it continue, it’s what us Brits do best after all. Continue reading

It’s all go!

Just exhausted at the thought of all the food going on in my life at the mo!  Super excited about baking easter cupcakes tomorrow, the mini eggs are at the ready…lovely Jamie O recipe lined up for Easter Sunday – roast leg of lamb with aubergine and tomato (tried and tested, tis yum)…..and to top it off am having super exciting week watching masterchef semi finals and following masterchef on Twitter.

Life doesn’t get any better than this! Gregg Wallace aka Pudding Face is lapping it all up by the cake load.

Particularly fab episode last night cooking for the ‘lovely ladies of the WI’….that huge victoria sponge cake looked amazing although perhaps rather large slices were served for the ‘lovely ladies of the WI‘ (as some of them commented) but all of them proceeded to devour it nonetheless!

😉 got to laugh, my keen interest in baking and all things ‘cake-like’ actually stems from one of the ‘lovely ladies of the WI’….Mrs Monkfish senior (my mum!).

Photos coming up on the blog this weekend, watch out 🙂

And follow Pudding Face on twitter, hilarious.