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Monkfish has talked about Brooklyn before and caused a quite a stir amongst the ‘locals’ who were aghast that we referred to the ‘Mast Brothers‘ as ‘very Brooklyn’…and dare we repeat it ‘hipsters’….however, we do love Brooklyn, we have been there and we think they are doing very cool stuff when it comes to eating and drinking.

So, let us introduce you to the The Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain . It has some of the best shop fittings we’ve seen recently. Vintage heaven…we think they’ve got it just right.

As part of our ongoing endeavours to talk about ‘local’ and ‘artisan’ we can happily report that the Farmacy sodas are all made with Brooklyn-based P&H Soda Co. syrups; ice cream comes from a small, all-natural producer in the Adirondacks; and the cupcakes, pies, and even red-velvet twinkies hail from local bakeries – keeping it local, just what we’re passionate about here at Monkfish Towers. To top off our excitement they’ve just opened a ‘pop-up’ at the flagship Kiehl’s store in Manhattan. And you know how much we love a pop-up….

Photos courtesy of Barry Whittaker 

For more info on some of the local artisan suppliers the Farmacy uses click these links:
Adirondack Creamery
Hudson Valley Milk
P&H Soda Co.
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