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Let’s set the scene. An old patisserie resembling a bistro in the Marais, Paris. white linen tablecloths, flickering candle light, bentwood café chairs, wine bottles stacked to the ceiling, Edith Piaf on repeat, dinner cooked by Neil ‘Scottish chef of the year 2011’ Forbes– where am I? Welcome to Café St Honore, Thistle Street Lane, Edinburgh, where Gallic meets Gaelic in award-winning mouthfuls. Locally supplied provenance is choice du jour for Mr Forbes, and why not when Scotland is his oyster? Continue reading


That’s me, yes, missing from blog action, gone AWOL, busted a move etc etc  Sorry!  I can update you on what has been happening since we last spoke and then I’ll get my blogging act together and report back in detail shortly.  Me and Mr Predictable have been:-

a)  living it up in gay Paree – whoop whoop, gastronomique delights, Mama Shelter review to follow

b) living it up in London village – whoop whoop, burgers at The Luxe (thank you Mr Torode), afternoon tea at the Albion Cafe (thank you Mr Conran), the dining queue at Polpo (boo, queue too long, had to leave heads hanging low, gutted), lunch at LEON (yay, our fave)

c) living it up in our beautiful city of Edinburgh – The Dogs (AGAIN!), our all time fave The Basement (numerous times) and more recently dinner at Roseleaf, top $.

d) and more importantly I’ve been living it up in my lovely kitchen big time. Baking, stewing, roasting, poaching, pickling. Heaven.

Catch you soon with the photos, then you’ll see how busy I’ve really been 🙂 x


Well, I couldn’t let this momentous day pass without an anniversary post to my blog. A year ago today the fun started in my lovely new kitchen at ‘the hillside’ in Edinburgh…and four thousand and ninety five hits later (yay!!!!!) I’m still eating, baking, concocting, shooting (photos….) and living a foodie dream with the lovely Mr Predictable.

As yet I am still doing the day job (hrmph), fame still awaits me, but mymonkfish blog has given me the chance to garble on about what I do and like best – FOOD!

Mrs Monkfish senior is not shy in complaining that my blog is not updated enough, ‘I know’ is my usual response and ‘there’s not enough hours in the day’ blah blah blah, tis true! Inbetween diy, number crunching and pottering around with Mr Predictable I try my best! Twitter has provided me with short sharp bursts of foodie related wafflings so please follow me at ‘hilsters’.

In the meantime I’ll stop garbling and sign off as in a few hours time I’m boarding the 8am eurostar at St Pancras and am off to paree with Mr P. Living the dream as per bl**dy usual, life’s tough eh?! Happy birthday to me and my blog x

PS….as a nod to myself I ate monkfish last night in a Thai green curry. YUM!

5 more sleeps…

hi bloggers, a wee apology as all is quiet on the monkfish blog at present…I’m getting married to Mr Predictable this saturday so have been a bit pre-occupied of late!

I’ll be back soon though with foodie tales from the wedding (at The Atrium, super excited re the wedding breakfast), from our honeymoon (food delights in Marrakech…then Paris) and of course the food highlight of the year that is Christmas which will be spent at home in Edinburgh with assistance from Delia, Jamie and a wee bit of Nigella.

So, signing out for a few weeks and back soon as the Mrs to Mr Predictable 8) x