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It’s been a while since my last blog post so to make up for that fact what better subject to talk about than CAKE!

There’s a buzz in the air at the moment about ‘secret supper clubs’ so it goes without saying that sooner or later a ‘secret CAKE club’ would be born. Continue reading

A tip top january baking weekend….

Well bloggers, I had every intention of ‘catching up…blogging….reporting in’ etc on all things foodie related to our wedding, honeymoon, christmas and hogmanay but for some reason I was overcome with the need to bake at the weekend (must be the weather….we have been battening down the hatches at the Hillside…!)

So, instead of all that I’m letting you have a sneaky peak at the success story from Saturday afternoon and I promise over the next week or two I’ll drop the odd post in about our lovely few weeks away….

It must be because it’s January (and more likely the fact that it’s minus 5 outside and we have seen nothing but the white stuff since christmas) but I had the overwhelming need to ‘bake’ at the weekend so that’s what I did.  I really wanted to challenge myself in the cake department and I knew my Ottolenghi book would come up trumps.  I attempted their Apple and Olive Oil cake with Maple Icing and it was absolutely delish…here it is in progress…

ready for baking...

This one took a while to bake…about 90 mins in the oven at about gas mark 3…am convinced you can count this towards your 5 a day…3 large bramley apples and it’s packed with raisins…am sure this is ‘healthy cake’ 😉

After allowing to cool for an hour or two I decided the cake was far too big for just the two of us (that decision went down well…!) so I put half in the freezer for another day. The other half was sandwiched and iced with maple syrup icing (maple syrup, cream cheese, light muscovado sugar and some butter) and subsequently consumed…there’s a wee bit left but not much. Thumbs up from me..although a bit fiddly it was definitely worth the effort.

The finished article, I am very proud!

Phew, after that effort I attempted something very easy which required very little cooking….I had some leftover amaretti biscuits from Christmas and a few bars of Green & Blacks dark cooking chocolate so decided to concoct some rocky road (with a wee bit of help from  Nigella’s christmas book)….that idea was very well received from my new husband I can tell you…it only happens to be one of his favourites…  A few marshmallows and glace cherries later and it was in the fridge ‘doing what it does’ and I was earning mega brownie points (not that I needed to!)…  First thing Sunday I cut it into lots of different sizes…I’m not one for uniform and precise measurements when it comes to cooking, anything goes in my kitchen…..it has slowly been getting devoured since then.  Did I say slowly?! At last count (about half an hour ago) there were only a few slices left!

'Rocky' road

What a tip top baking weekend at the Hillside.  I heard a rumour that I might be attempting a lemon meringue pie this saturday…how many brownie points will that earn?!  He did tell me he married me because he loved me and not for my food 😉