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Fabulous news bloggers!  ‘MyMonkfish.com’ has reached the higher echelons of a little known glossy monthly food publication known as BBC OLIVE magazine!  Super exciting news for me and my edible ramblings!  When my June 2011 subscribers issue arrived last Tuesday I put it to one side as I had a previous engagement that evening…… Continue reading


Not sure I need to say that much about what you see before you except that they’re jammy, they’re scrumptious, one is not enough (true about most of the baking activities I undertake) and of course they are very very romantic 😉 Continue reading

friday evening tv dinner…..

Friday night, home alone….what delights can I knock up in the kitchen… Here’s what’s in the fridge –

bag of sad looking rocket, one medium sized aubergine, a few red chillis, leftover humous, chorizo, feta, eggs, fizz (there’s ALWAYS fizz)…..So, what’s it to be….mmmm, think I’ll have to raid the freezer for inspiration…not looking good really and surprisingly am not really hungry…maybe after another glass of pinot it will all become clear, well, you can live in hope I suppose.  Mr predictable is ‘larging it’ in the Basement tonight with the boys….nachos followed by chicken burrito anyone?!

Wanted to revert to last night, a resounding success on the cupcake front, deposit is down, mountainous cupcake tower on order for 9 weeks time, got to be happy with that! Result of the night was bringing home a ‘take-out’ from the lovely cupcake lady…3 glorious little numbers to sample over the weekend, perfect.  Ha ha, that’s dinner sorted for tonight, shocker I didn’t think of that earlier.

I’m afraid that I’m going to disappoint you bloggers as I’m feeling rather uninspired for this weekend’s concoctions. Olive magazine arrived this week so some serious bedtime reading awaits in the hope that a recipe will jump out and grab me…. Off to a little known Italian tomorrow night (Piatto Verde) with some friends so will possibly report back on that but I really do need to get a grip and just get cooking. Sunday will be MY DAY in MY KITCHEN, got to do something, need to post a photo, all this text is getting boring! Catch you on Sunday then! 🙂