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Opening gambit – if truth be told here at Monkfish Castle we can take or leave a curry…..not that we don’t appreciate the finer spices in life but we’ve kind of got bored of them. Maybe that’s because we OD’d on them as students many moons ago or maybe that’s because in our beautiful home town of Edinburgh we sometimes struggle to find anywhere* that lives up to the curry reputation of either Birmingham or Manchester where we spent much of our yoof.

*A notable exception is of course Mother India, a Glaswegian institution which luckily for us opened its doors in Edinburgh a few years ago.

Stop the clock!! All that is about to change or it did change last night!

We dined at Mithas, the lovely new ‘fine dining’ Indian restaurant in Leith.  Wow, take back much of that first paragraph as we have re-found our love of all things curry….  With fine dining decor to match – private booths, Tom Dixon copper lights, sleek wooden fittings, and the best bathrooms I’ve ever seen in an Indian restaurant (these things are important!) the Monkfish can happily report that Mithas is definitely not ‘curry in a hurry’.  The service was splendid and our food was very very exciting.

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