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I’m declaring 2011 the year of the K-Mix (my shiny new K-Mix)!  Very assertive of me I know but if the Chinese can declare 2011 as the year of the ‘Rabbit’ (?!) and then delay said ‘Rabbit’ until February 12th then I’m getting right in there first with my year naming today, January 6th.  I’m not waiting another 6 weeks just to be different! Continue reading

prawn cocktails on all different levels…

I was wandering around M&S last saturday with Mr Predictable (who was anxiously searching for his ‘saturday night tea’ as I was going out with the girls ha ha!) and I stumbled across their all new and exciting ‘pic’n’mix’ section…interesting, another retro nod from Mr M&S inbetween the wine and the tinned soup…perfect product placement… Anyway, I snapped a picture of these :


blimey, these take me back! remember these anyone? Why they are called Prawn Cocktails is quite beyond me as A) they don’t look like prawns and B) they clearly don’t taste like them…. however, the sight of them brought back lots of happy childhood memories of choosing my 10p bag of pick n mix from our local corner shop.  If there’s one lovely positive thing the credit crunch has done it’s proudly taken us back to the halcyon days of our yoofs when the best pudding in the world was apple sponge and custard (or lemon meringue for some) and you could eat sweets like ‘prawn cocktails’ without worrying about how many e numbers were in them and why the heck they didn’t taste like prawn cocktail….  Those were the days bloggers!

lemon meringue pie…what a classic

Almost bedtime but had to post this before hitting my scratcher….for all you retro pud fans out there here’s an individual lemon meringue pie to drool over…

the pie!

the pie!

Purchased in Whole Foods in london (very down with the kids and ‘accessible’ in NYC, a bit posh-class in london, anyway…)… it was up there in the lemon meringue pie top ten but still not as good as my mum used to make in the 80’s….must ask her to whisk one up next time i see her (not for me mind you, it’s G that raves on about them). And here’s a photo of said pie entering his mouth for consumption….let the dribbles commence, goodnight 🙂

a lovely lemon meringue pie