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It’s almost Christmas and with a ‘Food Trends 2015’ post coming up soon on mymonkfish we thought you’d like to see Jay Rayner’s predictions for next year first…..There will be food. Some of it will be horrible. Some of it will be really nice….wish we’d summed it up like that. That’s why he’s Jay Rayner, and we’re not.
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St John’s Bread and Wine, Spitalfields….

St John’s Bread and Wine
talks my language –  local, seasonal, simple sustenance, showcasing the best that Blighty has to offer.  The original St John’s restaurant at Smithfields was opened in 1994 by Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver and Bread and Wine followed in 2003.

This is British food done properly and for those of us the wrong side of our thirties the menu will take you straight back to the good old days when all we wanted for tea was a slice of pork pie with a dab of Colman’s mustard and a few pickled onions. Continue reading