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Those lovely people at Hotel Chocolat know how much we heart dark chocolate here at Monkfish Towers. So much so that a ‘dark christmas basket‘ was delivered by the fella in the big red suit this week ready for a monkfish tasting session… Say no more, it’s never too early to start the Christmas calorie intake….. Continue reading

100% cocoa solids….an acquired taste for some

Whilst on my hen weekend in York a few weeks back the girls and I happened to find ourselves in a branch of Hotel Chocolat…yep, it’s true, us ladies are partial to the ‘odd’ piece of chocolate…

To my delight they had bars of 100% dark chocolate, I’d never tried it before, the nearest I’ve been to the 100 mark is a  Green & Black’s 85 per-center which to me is nigh on chocolate bliss, yum.

So, I ventured into pastures new and treated myself to a bar.  

for the chocolate purists amongst you!

For some reason it’s been lurking in the pantry since then but I suddenly had a chocolate urge last night so I munched into it with a cuppa.  Mmmm, first time EVER I think I’ve been slightly taken aback with the taste of chocolate, definitely an acquired taste, extremely bitter as expected but once swallowed a pleasing after taste filled my mouth. Best part about it was only needing a very small amount to satisfy my craving…7 out of 10 on this occasion…Green & Blacks 85% still gets top marks for me.