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For some reason this year (more than EVER) I am super excited about Christmas (read: it’s all about the festive food) and on Saturday I officially launched ‘Christmas at the Hillside’!  The launch party involved me (natch), Nigella (special guest appearance), and Mr Predictable (for a change) and what fun we had!  The three of us threw caution to the wind and decided that Saturday was going to be our ‘STIR UP’ day.  I know I know, stir up day is usually Sunday but what the heck, we were going to live a little and bring it forward a day.

No particular reason for inviting Nigella to this party.  I’ve read various christmas cake recipes over the last few weeks, Delia is probably the obvious choice for most but I have to say she doesn’t use as much brandy in her cake (shocker!!) and this is the festive season after all so it was Nigella all the way for me!

Drum roll please….

16 hours to launch and counting :- approx 1kg of various vine fruit were brought to the boil in 600ml’s of brandy then left to soak overnight…divine smells all round the Hillside, who needs Glade?! Continue reading