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So, there I was, on a school day, free of the shackles of my 9-5, sat in The Kitchin in Leith, Edinburgh,with Mrs Monkfish senior awaiting a michelin star 3 course lunch, heaven!  What lucky ladies we were.  Mrs Monkfish snr has been waiting for this day for quite some time and super lucky us ended up on one of the tables right next to the kitchen.  For those of you who haven’t been to the Kitchin before there is a brilliant glass window into the kitchen where you can see ‘the man himself’ hard at work.  Perfect view!

As a quick aside, I see Mr Kitchin around our lovely city quite a lot (plus my hairdresser cuts his curly locks…fact fans), and as you know he likes to appear on Masterchef quite a lot… anyway, I’ll cut to the chase, last time I walked past him I nearly said ‘hello’ because I thought he was a mate, honestly, you can’t take me anywhere and I’m clearly getting madder by the day.

Back to the blog post…what follows is my lunch….amuse bouche, starter, main course and dessert from the Gods, all for the ‘barry bargain’ price of £25…happy days.

amuse bouche...chilled pea and mint soup, yum

starter...consomme of tomato and summer vegetable served with seared mackerel

main....salmon with gnocchi

dessert...words can not describe this stupendous chocolate souffle!

but maybe this describes it?! say no more!

If I am allowed to complain (I don’t know, am I?)  it’s about the cost of the wine…£11.50 for a small glass of (extremely nice) Pinot Gris.  Hrmph, I realise it was ‘specially selected’ for me, was the Kitchin’s ‘seasonal recommendation’ and no doubt would taste ‘amazing’ (and it did!) but can you really justify a pound for every 15ml (tiny gulp) of wine?!

Not one to finish off my blog posts with a bad word I’ll pick a good word to sum up the lunch…. ‘delectable’…thank you Mr Kitchin, we love you and please say hello to me next time you see me?! 🙂

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