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 Now we’ve got your attention this may be of interest…. Yesterday The Times published their ‘top ten food trends for 2015’, yep, everyone’s at it, producing lists of ‘what’s hot and what’s not’ but this particular list caught our eye due to the inclusion of this at number 7 …

The food blogger is dead.


 That’s right, it’s all over, boys and girls. You amateur critics and commentators with your prattling, forever-scrolling text laced with pointless, self-regarding opinion — you thought you were the vanguard of the digital age, ushering in democracy as you cast aside established newspaper critics with your man/woman-on-the-street real people’s creds. Well, the tech that made you will now destroy you. Because your nifty little blogs that pandered to our shortening attention spans have paved the way for Instagram. It’s just pictures the food world wants now, not your words. Witness Clerkenwell Boy, with his 57,000 followers lapping up pictures of his every eating moment. Now look who feels like some pesky new urchin is stealing their livelihood . . .’

That’s us told. Thank you William Sitwell. We did like some of your other thoughts particularly about Anna Jones. Mrs M got her new book for Christmas, ‘a modern way to eat’, if you’ve not seen it yet check it out.

See you next time where we’re going to try really hard not to make any predictions at all, we’ll try really hard not to bore you with our self regarding opinions and pointless scrolling text. Bet you can’t wait… Oh, and at the same time we’ll be ramping up our Instagram feed so that we can keep up with ‘Clerkenwell Boy’ and his cronies….we are food bloggers, and we’re ok with that!


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