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Cosmo Edinburgh, we’re coming for you!

COSMO EDINBURGHWhen you’re offered all you can eat within seconds of your front door what’s a girl gotta do….the fam were super excited at the prospect so off we went to hit up Cosmo Edinburgh which quite literally is ‘on our doorstep’.

The excitement of an all you can eat buffet was twofold. For Mini, he just couldn’t believe that you can keep going back for more, and more. For me, I just couldn’t believe he could eat that many gyozas in one day.


Cosmo, otherwise known as a Pan Asian restaurant and in some quarters (google), the ‘World Buffet restaurant’ has a great selection of cooking stations from quite literally, all over the world. What soon becomes apparent when entering Cosmo is that mostly people are here to eat Chinese food, Japanese Teppanyaki and an indian buffet spread. Continue reading