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Meet The Baker….
Monkfish tails takes you behind the scenes at the Manna House Bakery in Edinburgh….read all about Drew Massey and his artisan baking, his passion for bread and our 5am alarm call…

The secret master baker…..

Well bloggers, you just never know what secrets some people have till they spring a culinary surprise on you!!
In the midsts of the corporate world I spend much of my time in surprises of the edible kind bring a sense of welcome relief from the number crunching….

On Thursday at said ‘lovely work place’ a colleague delighted us all with his (yes, ‘his’) sun dried tomato loaf! Wow, double whammy, baking….and baking by a man! I know what you’re all thinking, men….cooking….really not that unusual? Well, maybe not that unusual in the world of tv celebrity chefdom but in our wee corner of reality in an office on Ferry road unusual is the understatement of the noughties!

The secret master baker has come forward and put his cards on the table! And he didn’t even cheat with a bread maker!!

The Secret Master Baker's sundried tomato loaf!

My date with Ken Wood…

It was such a bleak day in Edinburgh the other day there was nothing else for it but a bit of home made bread….with the help of my trusty breadmaker I hasten to add.  I dusted down Ken (Wood) from the pantry, very happy to see him, it’s been a while and we were very close not so long back (don’t let mr predictable know that!). Kitchen renovations this year have seen him pushed right to the back of the pantry and almost forgotten about. Never mind, he’s back with me now!

So, ingredients all to hand, the pantry is well stocked so no need to even leave the house, perfect.


Chucked in everything I could in the hope that a granary loaf would come out the other end! Added a few extras, rude not to, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a few sesame seeds for extra crunch. Yum…it’s a waiting game now…..

work in progress!

work in progress!

zzzzzzzzzzzz…………..3 hours 25 minutes later………..(that’s the problem with bread makers, particularly Ken, he seems to take AAAAAAGES)
Wow, blooming marvellous, I am very proud!
as if by magic....

as if by magic....

watch out hovis, there's competition in town...

watch out hovis, there's competition in town...

Yum, couldn’t wait to get stuck in…I did wait though, about another 3 hours 25 minutes (could have made another loaf) when the lovely Mr Predictable got home and munched his way through several ‘thick cut’ slices….
I love Ken, he’s a top date, I’m meeting up with him again soon, he has very low expectations but always provides a decent result, yay!