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Summer fruit muffins…they’re MIGHTY!

Got up early today (well, early for the weekend…) and I was straight into battle with some summer fruit muffins which are baking away as I type…11 minutes to go…  Taken from my trusty ‘Muffins, Fast and Fantastic’ book they are just the easiest recipe EVER which prompts my ‘grumpy woman’ syndrome when I see similar muffins in St*arb&cks at over £2 a pop!

Anyway, I digress…ooh, only 7 minutes to go….the thinking behind them was that with a large handful of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries they will definitely count towards my five a day.  In fact, let’s throw caution to the wind and declare them as THREE of my five a day!

muffins in progress!

Five minutes to go then into battle.  Must get the kettle on, laters… Continue reading

What have I let myself in for?!

48 hours and counting….

…until my saturday morning ‘cupcake bake-off’ with a 4 year old!!Am slightly worried that he (yes, HE!) will outdo me on the cupcake front so I am having sneaky practice tonight..sssssh

He certainly looks the part (I have photographic evidence from the wee man’s mum!) – apron PLUS chef’s hat, and apparently he has all the cupcake lingo and expertise of a Hummingbird bakery baker, oh dear, what have I let myself in for?!  Not to be outdone (on both outfit and talent) I have my Jamie O apron at the ready (where is that on the fashionista stakes bloggers? Good or bad?) and am in for a night of avid cupcake reading and research with the help of Hummingbird and Primrose Bakery cookbooks.

So, cooking with toddlers, good or bad idea?! I will be reporting back on Saturday no matter what the outcome!  Photos to boot.

Emily goes retro with Nigella…

You can’t beat this….good old fashioned, proper good retro chocolate cake…just feast your eyes on this beauty baked by good friend Emily with the power of the domestic goddess. Rocking. All hail Nigella!

Marvellous muffins, fast and fantastic?!

Yes, that’s what the book claims, fast and fantastic muffins! So here they are, carrot, raisin, walnuts and cinammon, certainly fast and about to sample the fantastic-ness….”Mr Predictable, get the coffee on will you?”….

No words required….just enjoy the view!