Welcome to mymonkfish.com. Est.2009. The blog is here to entertain and inform you with food related ‘tails’, spin a yarn or two about food trends, food news, and tell you more about what is going on in the big wide world of ‘food and drink’. And there’s plenty!

Away from the blog we like to help the round heads in square holes, the crazy people, the ones who are doing things differently. The people and organisations moving forward what we eat and drink, where we eat and drink and with whom. The artisan producers. The craft brewers. The inspiring restaurateurs. The butchers, the bakers and the makers.

From Monkfish Towers, our home in Scotland’s capital, we champion and celebrate the local round heads! We are busy collaborating with partners, providing online or offline content wherever it’s needed, increasing likes and growing followers. We are discussing social media strategies, providing them with content strategies for social channels and blogs, and improving the look of their websites.

So, while YOU, the crazy people are busy with your passions WE will get busy helping to scream and shout about what you’re up to.

And that’s where Mrs Monkfish comes in! In her ‘real life’ she’s known as Hilary Sturzaker and works as a freelance consultant in Edinburgh. You can read more about her HERE. She’s busy helping food businesses grow.

And if you see food differently and want to get in touch then clickety click.


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