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MY DATE WITH @puddingface …

Ok, it’s the little things in life that make me happy (you should know that by now…) and that includes my daily twitter fix with my new ‘friends’ – @puddingface, @porridgelady, @sueperkins, @jamandcream, @rivercottage, @Happy_Appetite, @ginandcrumpets, @meemalee to name but a few.  All of my twitter ‘friends’ have one thing in common with me….FOOD.  Surprised?! Don’t be…

For those of you who haven’t ventured into twitterdom then it’s never too late.  You can follow people who have a) never been your friends; b) are never likely to be your friends; c) may befriend you (WOOHOO) if they find you ‘interesting’; and best of all d) you won’t ever want to ‘unfriend’ them in the way you want to unfriend people on facebook who you haven’t seen since you were 13 and have no inclination of ever meeting up with them ever again because what have you got in common with them now you are in your 40’s?!

oops, small rant about facebook over… Continue reading

Tiramisu done…let battle commence!

Blimey, full speed ahead and here it is! Tasting session later although not sure can last till 9pm…. Marks out of ten me vs jamie?

It’s never too early for dessert!!

Ok, up bright and breezy, well ok, 9.15….ahem… Plan on spending next hour with Jamie Oliver and his splendid tiramisu! Will report back later, am expecting a good result!

my lovely friend is in nyc….magnolia cupcake anyone?

My lovely friend Di is in NYC as we speak, hrumph, am extremely jealous…..I can smell the Magnolia Bakery from here….she has, of course, sent me the inevitable top of the rockerfeller photo, text me several (hundred) times telling me what cocktail she is drinking, what food she is eating, what cakes she has spied (hrumph, even more jealous…..)!

However, happy with my lot (well, ok, Edinburgh vs NYC?! on a sunny day like today Edinburgh rules!) I’m perched on a stool in my kitchen posting this blog and dreaming what I can rustle up for tea (a trip to Manna Bakery earlier today was inspiration enough, bring on the baking!). Despite being in DIY hell….(Mr Predictable is currently destroying the living room with a chain saw…..mmmm)…I’m still thinking about food…some things never change!   8)

Another master baker….

Well, it looks like I’ve started something down on Ferry Road, how exciting!!  Yes bloggers, my life is that boring (well, not really, just a shame that work gets in the way quite a lot of the time…) that the sniff of knowing other people at work enjoy food as much as me gets me all enthused and eager with anticipation of what they have knocked up/thrown together in their own kitchens!

Another master baker has come forward with this lovely offering….coconut and lime cake….

Mr McP's coconut and lime cake!

This particular master baker is Mr McP, one of my lovely blog fans and his cake is ‘yum’…. (apparently)….. having said that this master baker failed to bring any leftovers to the office so I’ll have to take his word on the matter.  Mr McP, top tip for next time, make sure you bring me in a slice and then you’ll be promoted to my number one fan (Kathy Bates stylee!).  😉