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LOVE love love this, only stumbled upon it yesterday whilst perusing Facebook etc but it really caught our eye. We were lucky enough to go to The Scratch Series at the start of this year which took place in Iglu, Edinburgh, run and hosted by Ben Reade and David Crabtree Logan.

Ben Reade has now created the Edinburgh Food Studio with Sashana Souza Zanella. Looking for investment via a Kickstarter campaign you can help to get the Studio up and running. Click the video above to find out more.

Edinburgh Food StudioThe Edinburgh Food Studio is a space dedicated to keeping food interesting. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings they’ll be open for dinner. The dinners will frequently be collaborative ventures with guest chefs, artists and people from diverse disciplines such as ceramics, botany, music, poetry or perfume.

They will host master classes and workshops on culinary techniques such as fermentation, foraging or butchery. These will be supplemented with a program of tastings, small conferences and product-based consultancy.

50% of the profits will go into researching and exploring Scotland’s food: its history, its culture and its future possibilities. They will publish this research on their website: so when you go to the Edinburgh Food Studio, you will enable them to disseminate knowledge.

For more info click HERE

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IMG_0032OK, hang on a minute, where did the summer go? Has it actually been? Well, there was that day in July when temperatures peaked at 26.5 in Edinburgh but aside from that it’s not exactly been a scorcher. And now we’re greeting Autumn with a slight chill in the air and thoughts of “should we or should we not flick the central heating switch to ON”…

Apart from the weather the ‘summer’ has been good in terms of eating. Festival madness brought lots of exciting places to eat including a ‘pop-up’ from the Lobster Shack which usually resides in North Berwick. There was a pretty cool Artisan Roast pop-up just off George Square with not only coffee (black OR white, nothing else…) but also the added bonus of Twelve Triangle Doughnuts to boot. We ventured to a new bar/restaurant called Checkpoint which, if our drinks only visit was anything to go by, will hopefully be a great new addition for Edinburgh. Think Amsterdam chic, industrial lighting, shipping container with tables and chairs in, hard to imagine? Go visit.

And there’s plenty of new places to look forward to eating and drinking in too.

The Chophouse in Leith opens this month promising to bring red meat of the highest quality to your mouths.
11741134_501311646685061_5931120364422186074_o 11892318_519702154846010_5684970914499815975_o
British bred beef, butchered and dry-aged in house, cooked over an open flame charcoal grill….mouth watering stuff. From the people who have brought you The Westroom, Sygn and Monteiths we’re sure it will deliver. Mrs M will be popping along early October to check it out.

Brasserie Les Amis on Morrison Street opened a few weeks ago and has already had some great reviews. Bringing ‘the best of French and Scottish cuisine as well as beautiful wines, craft beers and spirits’….definitely one to try.

Our friends at Alright Treacle have just released their last three dates for suppers in 2015. Yes, sadly AT HQ will be closing at the end of the year as Anna moves on to pastures new.
static1.squarespaceGet your tickets while you can – click HERE to book.

Over the summer we’ve read about these new places too…



Both based slightly further afield than Edinburgh but not that far! Put them on the To Do List…

The Monkfish Famille have been lucky enough to try out some new places over the summer including The Star at Harome. Regaining it’s Michelin Star in 2015 it’s such a beautiful spot for lunch and a chillax if you’ve got a spare couple of hours. If you like your bread served in a Flat Cap (we were in Yorkshire after all…) then we think you’ll like it.
The Star Inn Harome The Star Inn Harome The Star Inn Harome The Star Inn Harome The Star Inn Harome The Star Inn Harome The Star Inn Harome

So, as usual, there’s been lots of eating by us and plenty of coffees have been slurped to keep us going.

Even though we’re waving the Summer goodbye (kind of), there is plenty to look forward to. We’re already planning a trip here…..


Sounds very exciting, read The Guardian’s review HERE. We may need to invest in a boat to get there though.

And we’re also going to stop by here…..


Part of the Tom Lewis Monachyle Mhor group, a budget motel with a great restaurant. Looking forward to trying it out.

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to food. Enjoy your Autumn eating and let us know where you stumble upon too, just in case we haven’t been already…



Edinburgh dining summer 2015photo credit: Ben Carpenter

At the turn of the year we were inundated with ‘food trend’ articles, what we should and shouldn’t be eating, what’s cool to eat this year, what isn’t, where we should be seen drinking the latest artisan gin and which artisan tonic we should be mixing it with.

Food trends and predictions come at us from every direction, some are informative, some make us think, some are intriguing and some make us book the next big thing pronto in case we’re ‘missing out’ .

Thanks to Burger Meats Bun

There are more independent burger joints springing up every week, craft beer is still on the rise, Mexican tacos are making a comeback, in fact they’re already back. ‘Ugly’ vegetables such as celeriac and kohlrabi are becoming ‘cheffy’, bone broth is the latest on trend ingredient, big named chefs are opening more casual and fast food outlets, and if your venison hasn’t been smoked then why are you eating it?

Want broccoflower (broccoli crossed with cauliflower)? You can have it! Want more condiments? You may have them! The idea of more ‘on table’ accessories to customize your meal is about to hit the UK, big time. Good old salt and pepper, and red and brown sauce are about to be joined by mustards, dips, dressings, purees, flavoured salts and seasonings. You will be spoilt for choice.

So, are you bothered if you’re on trend or not when it comes to food and drink? Well, to a certain extent you should be as these trends will have an impact on your Edinburgh dining opportunities for the rest of this year, and next year, and the year after that. We have already witnessed the street food revolution in our capital city and this will continue to thrive during the summer months in particular when more of us will attempt to dine al fresco in between the rain showers.

edinburgh diningLondon ‘pop-up with a Scottish twist’ Dram & Smoke will be setting up shop during the festival. Expect scran, bevvy and general ‘flumgummerie’* gin cocktails, single malts, and a weird and wonderful location. Edinburgh based Jelly & Gin will continue to present us with exciting dining experiences, if you managed to get along to ‘Watch & Wolf’ late last year you will know what to expect. Eating isn’t enough any more, multi sensory gastronomy is where it’s at.

© 2015 Jacek Hübner ( Secret Herb Garden is hosting a series of ‘full moon’ dinners that continue until late October. You can enjoy foraged, fresh and local produce matched with natural wines in their beautiful glasshouses under the light of a full moon. Now that’s something you can’t do every day.

Timberyard continues to be an absolute must visit for locals and tourists alike. With an 8 course tasting menu featuring delights such as smoked beef, sea buckthorn, artichoke, truffle, mallard, wild leek, smoked lobster, elderberry, spelt, they are producing some amazing dishes and are really ahead of the game when it comes to Edinburgh dining. And don’t just visit for the food either, while you’re there you can enjoy some of the finest cocktails in town in an urban warehouse that wouldn’t be out of place in Shoreditch, East London.

There is no doubt that many of these trends come north following success in London but that’s OK, as long as we get them eventually. London is a food and drink hub with a huge population who continually demand more so they tend to develop the trends that we then find out about.

When the trends head north they tend to be exclusive, in a kind of secret society type way, you think you’re the only one who knows about something when in reality you’re not. But that doesn’t matter, you should just feel lucky that we are enjoying a buzzing food scene, with so much choice it’s hard to know where to go first. Make a ‘to do’ list, tick it off, then make another one because one thing you can be certain of is that there will be more new and exciting places to eat and drink next month that you didn’t know about.

We can guide you in your choices sure, but don’t let us tell you what’s hot and what’s not. Get out there and make your own minds up. Remember, you, the customer set the trends, not the food critics or the journalists or the food bloggers or me.

*hijinks, tomfoolery, antics, you get the gist


An abbreviated version can be found online HERE


farm to table

We’re delighted to be able to introduce a guest blog post this week written for us by Chet Sharma, of TRULY Experiences. Chet has previously worked in the kitchens of L’Enclume, Mugaritz and Le Manoir aux’Quat Saisons.

Here’s what he has to say on the subject of….

Farm to Table

The past decade has seen a push from chefs, the media and aristocratic foodies alike for more sustainably sourced food, preferably coming from local producers and vendors. I should know – I’m one of them. Having been involved in setting up Britain’s largest restaurant farm, I take every opportunity to champion the ‘farm-to-table’ movement.

And, on the surface, it’s working. Just pay a visit to one of the numerous food and farmers’ markets to see this revolution in effect. As we speak, crowds are flocking in the thousands to buy the season’s finest broad beans, peas and asparagus. It’s easy to conclude that the years of campaigning for more sustainably sourced ingredients have produced lasting change. Continue reading


dry january

Dry January

Dry January

Dry January is a custom of abstaining from alcohol for the month of January, particularly practised in the United Kingdom. The custom, as a formal entity

Nope, it’s not for us! Life is for living and that means seizing the moment and not depriving ourselves of the ‘good stuff’. So if the good stuff crops up in January we’re not going to risk missing out. Dry January, I don’t think so…

And we’ve just found all this lovely stuff we want to share with you. And it mostly consists of drink…..cocktails……and the occasional mixer. Continue reading