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Mrs Monkfish was lucky enough to attend the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards last night in Edinburgh at the EICC. Hosted by the Loose Woman herself, Ms Kaye Adams, seventeen of Scotland’s leading food and drink businesses were celebrating their wins in front of an audience of 700, double the size of last year’s event. It was high fives all round.

With 22 award categories celebrating excellence across Scottish food and drink, the Excellence Awards showcased a broad spectrum of food and drink companies from across the country.  Winners included small start up companies like Island Girl (producers of Ooft sauce) and recently formed Ronan Foods (producers of a range of free-from foods); family farming businesses like Glenrath Farms (a free range egg producer) and Graham’s The Family Dairy (Scotland’s largest independent dairy); and Mathiesons Bakery, which dates back to 1872. There were celebrations in the Macsween camp who picked up both the ‘Meat’ award and ‘Product of the Year’  for their limited edition haggis. And ‘Small Business of the Year’ went to Spencerfield Spirits, home to Edinburgh gin and their new blended malt, The Feathery.

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Chief Executive of Scotland Food & Drink, James Withers, said:
“We are thrilled to celebrate the standout successes of the Scottish food and drink industry with a record number of attendees at this year’s Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards. The awards recognise our best food and drink products and businesses and each of our finalists merit the commendation. There is a food and drink revolution happening in Scotland, driving record sales at home and overseas. Tonight celebrates the talent that is driving that and which is cementing Scotland’s place in the culinary world.

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“I would encourage all finalists and winners to make the most of this recognition and to shout about their strengths. The awards take place during a massive year for Scotland and as the nation enjoys the limelight we will reinforce Scotland’s justified reputation as a Land of Food and Drink.”

There was a definite buzz in the air and we managed to tweet all the winners as and when they happened….Mrs M’s fingers were on fire she was typing that fast 😉 Got a few pics too but none of her dressed up to the nine’s, pity, she looked a treat! For more info on the awards click HERE.
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We’ll see you next week for Monkfish Monday, got some great bits n bobs lined up including more coffee geekery. Catch you then x



At the end of March Edinburgh plays host to the International Science Festival and this year has a very exciting series of events about food…..ding dong, where’s the box office?!

Super excited to hear this news we have booked ourselves tickets for a couple of events including ‘Calories and Corsets‘ – award-winning historian Louise Foxcroft discusses our obsession with slimming, what we eat, how much and when, with food writer Alex Renton (The Times), and, ‘Whisky Wisdom‘ – Glenmorangie’s Dr Bill Lumsden, Head of Distilling and Whisky Creation, will talk us through fermentation, distillation and maturation. Win win, a slimming lecture for Mrs Monkfish and an appreciation of the water of life for Mr Monkfish.

Meanwhile, over at the Royal Botanical Gardens, there are plenty more food events going on at the ‘Science on a Plate‘ festival including a ‘Foraging walk‘ (followed by a breakfast concocted with your finds), a talk entitled ‘The Future of the Fish Supper‘ about fish sustainability and a discussion about Scotland’s ‘Well Hung and Tender‘ meat, to name but a few.  So, plenty of exciting things going on for everyone and for the little monkfish amongst you there’s even more exciting happenings including a Junior Chef Challenge.

If any of this takes your fancy you can book online HERE


We like to think we’re ahead of the food trends here at Monkfish Towers and we know that’s what keeps our fans happy 😉 …. So, when we declared Castle Terrace the ‘Monkfish Restaurant of the Year’ in early 2011 little did we know that we would be a whole 12 months ahead of the impending accolades.

A week ago our favourite fine dining ‘hangout’, Castle Terrace, was crowned with the coveted award ‘Scottish Restaurant of the Year 2012. Not only that (like that’s not enough), they also earned the title of Most Innovative Restaurant of the Year. 

Phew, top notch. Huge congratulations to Dominic Jack, Chef Patron of said ‘hangout’, still on a high from his Michelin star in October 2011. This boy is on a roll…

And just to prove that we’re not chef groupies and that we do actually eat out at the places we rave on about here’s a photographic journey of our recent ‘long lunch’ where the lovely Dominic treated us to a few extra courses to line our hungry tums.
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We’re not the only ones raving on about Castle Terrace, you can read our fellow food bloggers ‘The Critical Couple’s’ review of Castle Terrace HERE. They awarded Dominic their own Michelin star (two in fact) long before he was crowned with one in October.

Castle Terrace Restaurant on Urbanspoon

This article got me out of bed yesterday….it was a great way to start the day for someone who thinks about food, 24/7, period. To coin a phrase it really is ‘food for thought’. Put the kettle on, sit back and have a read. Let us know what you think in the comments below….

Powered by article titled “Is the food revolution just a great big fat lie?” was written by Eliane Glaser, for The Guardian on Friday 2nd March 2012 23.01 UTC

In the second half of the 20th century, western consumers were treated to an unprecedented array of high-quality, low-cost food. Monochrome national cuisines were spiced up by immigration, globalisation and holidays abroad. Increased disposable income turned a restaurant pilgrimage into an everyday jaunt. You could have pain au chocolat for breakfast, a Mexican tortilla wrap for lunch and a Thai green curry for dinner. Farmers’ markets popularised heritage tomatoes. Celebrity chefs took up residence in gastropubs.

Now, I think it’s great that in recent years we’ve woken up to the wonders of fresh, local, home-cooked food. But this new food culture is not quite as it seems. The spectacle of Jamie Oliver, a cheeky lad from Essex, tearing basil leaves on to spaghetti was in some ways a step forward for equality, but in other ways it was a sneaky step back – because it made it that much harder to notice the dodgy doublespeak that has come to dominate the way we talk about food. Continue reading


Last week Ms Monkfish was waxing lyrical about food blogging in the lovely Kitchen Cafe studio at BBC Radio Scotland. Joining the formidable Kirsty Wark and presenter Pennie Latin Ms Monkfish discussed the highs of food writing (and there are plenty), the new exciting trend of artisan/craft beer and food matching and KW’s new Quiz Show ‘A Question of Taste. All that amongst other things…

Press play to listen….tune in, turn up, enjoy.

Continue reading