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Following numerous sold out London projects, Dram & Smoke is heading north of the border for The Edinburgh Festival Fringe; taking over a former Biscuit Factory for all of August.

Dishes that champion the best of Scottish produce are served up family-style from an open kitchen alongside well-sourced wine, Scottish beer, Naked Grouse whisky cocktails and a solid playlist. The house party vibe is helped along with bar games and live music performances plus the fully-stocked bar stays open late. Continue reading



Very excited to report that Enroot will be serving dinner during August at a ‘pop-up’ location on Holyrood Road

If you’ve not heard of them yet then listen up….

This past Spring, a group of chefs, artists, and activists dedicated to sustaining small scale farming in the U.K., came together to form the Enroot Collective. Enroot is a traveling, grassroots venture that hosts farmtotable events in collaboration with local farmers and businesses alike. The Enroot team strongly believes that there is an ever increasing disconnect, between the food people eat and the farmers who produce it. Enroot’s goal is to bridge this widening gap between producers and consumers by removing the barriers separating them. The Enroot team has just concluded a two month trip across the UK visiting various dairy, arable and pastoral farms, filming a minidocumentary and culminating their research with a series of dinners held on farmland, out in the field.

During the month of August, Enroot have already hosted events at Cockburn Farm in Balerno, a former dairy farm, and next weekend will be hosting events at Henderson’s new Cafe & Deli on Holyrood Road. The team will provide food that has been carefully sourced from local farms located near the outskirts of Edinburgh with an emphasis on a few struggling dairy farms that are left, in an effort to produce a menu that reflects seasonal produce.

Guests at the events will enjoy not only their locally conscious menu, but will also enjoy the company of farmers, fishermen, butchers, chefs, and various other tradesmen that Enroot have invited to eat and speak to a community of people who may not have been given an opportunity for open dialogue regarding the plight of British farming as it stands today.

The Enroot collective was cofounded by Edinburgh born Angus Buchanan Smith and his good friend DeVonn Francis. The two met at The Cooper Union College in New York and both have deep ties to food and farming. Angus grew up on Cockburn Farm Dairy, located just outside Edinburgh. He was deeply affected by the closure of the Dairy in 2003, due to collapse of the dairy market in the UK. He has since become and advocate for small-scale famring along with his brother Charlie. DeVonn grew up working in his father’s restaurant and is a chef who will be crafting Enroot’s menus for the dinners.

This weekend find Enroot at:

Henderson’s Cafe and Deli
67 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

Google map link HERE

August 21st, 22nd and 23rd – tickets HERE

enroot enroot enroot enroot enroot

And for all the social stuff you can find them….

Instagram enroot_collective
Twitter we_are_enroot



the Scratch Series Edinburgh, pop ups

The scratch series pop ups!

Pop ups? Scratch Series?? If you don’t know what we’re talking about then chances are you’ve not been to The Scratch Series yet….don’t panic! There’s still time!! This is probably the BEST dining experience we’ve had in a long long time so we thought it only fair to share it with you, our dear Monkfish readers.

Where to start? Tricky one… seem appropriate, scroll down, get hungry, be very impressed, read a little more text then find links at the bottom to BOOK YOUR PLACE before The Scratch Series leaves sunny Edinburgh at the end of March.

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The Scratch Series is the brain child of these two gentlemen. AKA Ben Reade and David Crabtree-Logan who are taking over Iglu, Jamaica Street, Edinburgh until the end of March 2015. They have known each other for over 15 years and check out where they’ve worked….River Cottage, Nordic Food Lab, The Kitchin, Helen Brownings, Beast….there are plenty more…

the Scratch Series Edinburgh, pop ups

Yes, they’re as mad as they look…

Say Ben and David….’For four months, this omnivorous pop-up dining experience is offering food like nothing Edinburgh has seen before. The Scratch Series is founded on direct relationships with the growers, farmers, fishermen and foragers of our region- and our desire to weave the narrative of our lives through the dishes we cook and serve. We will bring you seven course suppers of refined, whimsical, thought-provoking- and above all, delicious food.  The menu will be a constantly evolving story, starting with the last of autumns bounty, preserved into the long, cold days of winter and emerging into the first green shoots of spring. We seek to surprise and delight you with a true feast.’

The pop ups have been running since the end of last year and if our visit is anything to go by you will not be disappointed. The level of cooking and innovation is seriously seriously good. We felt like we were party to a secret dinner, it’s a very intimate dining space, you get friendly with your neighbours and you eat the BEST food you’ll probably have eaten in Scotland (and beyond).

A true feast hosted by two grown men who make you laugh, fill your bellies, entertain you from front of house and the kitchen, feed you stories and leave you wanting more.

Apparently, that might be on the cards if their latest blog post is anything to go by. The Scratch Series may be coming to an end in it’s current locale but watch this space…..

So, pretty sure you’ll be wanting to book….if you’ve not clicked one of the links above then here’s what you need to know…

Supper is served at 7pm on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights. It is a fixed menu costing 45 pounds for seven courses, with a generous bonus of teasers and treats. Seating is family-style, talking to strangers is encouraged.

Booking Inquiries:
07939 975 836

Upstairs at Iglu
2B Jamaica Street


This is a great little film from our friends Dram & Smoke who ‘pop-up’ in some very cool venues including this steel yard in Vauxhall, London, earlier this year.

They are about to pop up again with their Winter Menu from mid November (Weds 19th to be precise) to mid December in a brand new, never-used-before venue called Black Swan Yard on Bermondsey Street – run by the Dram & Smoke DishesAnd here’s a sneaky peek at the menu for November….
With whisky cocktails being served in a pop-up whisky den thanks to Monkey Shoulder you can expect a few hot toddies too, what more can you ask for when the nights are drawing in….

For more info and to book tickets head on over to their website

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rsz_11photo-2-351x234There’s something cool going to happen at Fort Kinnaird Edinburgh this weekend, yes, you heard us right. Something cool at a retail park?! YIP.. This weekend thanks to British Street Food the ‘Eats from the Street’ roadshow hits Edinburgh …

EFTS_Event-Panel-3 (2)

Eats from the street will be located in front of the Boots store from 11.00am – 6.00pm on Saturday 11th October and 11.00am – 5.00pm on Sunday 12th October featuring….
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.20.18

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.22.15

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.25.19

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.26.29For further dates and line ups click HERE. Bring on the food!

If you’re interested in reading more about British Street Food then visit

And download their app too!