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sunrise-at-the-loch_cs_gallery_previewIf you’ve never been to Monachyle Mhor then you are seriously missing out on a lot…..It’s located in an extremely beautiful part of rural Perthshire on the banks of Loch Voil where you can stay in the most luxurious of rooms and enjoy the most amazing and delicious food thanks to chef and owner Tom Lewis. The Monkfish Famille have been once but we are very keen to return…it’s just perfect for a pre Christmas jaunt.

And if you’re up for a bit of glamping then they’ve recently added this amazing ‘outdoor holiday experience’ in the shape of a Pilot Panther wagon, what a treat! Read more about the Panther on Sawday’s Canopy & Stars.

Photo thanks to Sawday’s Canopy & Stars


This is a great little film from our friends Dram & Smoke who ‘pop-up’ in some very cool venues including this steel yard in Vauxhall, London, earlier this year.

They are about to pop up again with their Winter Menu from mid November (Weds 19th to be precise) to mid December in a brand new, never-used-before venue called Black Swan Yard on Bermondsey Street – run by the Dram & Smoke DishesAnd here’s a sneaky peek at the menu for November….
With whisky cocktails being served in a pop-up whisky den thanks to Monkey Shoulder you can expect a few hot toddies too, what more can you ask for when the nights are drawing in….

For more info and to book tickets head on over to their website

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rsz_11photo-2-351x234There’s something cool going to happen at Fort Kinnaird Edinburgh this weekend, yes, you heard us right. Something cool at a retail park?! YIP.. This weekend thanks to British Street Food the ‘Eats from the Street’ roadshow hits Edinburgh …

EFTS_Event-Panel-3 (2)

Eats from the street will be located in front of the Boots store from 11.00am – 6.00pm on Saturday 11th October and 11.00am – 5.00pm on Sunday 12th October featuring….
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.20.18

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.22.15

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.25.19

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 13.26.29For further dates and line ups click HERE. Bring on the food!

If you’re interested in reading more about British Street Food then visit

And download their app too!


On Monday Ms Monkfish was lucky enough to catch the ‘Ceviche ‘pop-up’ restaurant tour’ as it pulled into Edinburgh and stopped off at Mark Greenaway’s restaurant at the end of a ten date UK wide masterclass tour. Ceviche is Soho’s finest Peruvian kitchen and Pisco Bar serving up the freshest fish, super salads, the best limes and chilli’s with kicks that kick like you’ve never been kicked before! To top it off they’ve sourced the coolest 1960’s Peruvian tracks to accompany your restaurant experience and have set up their own record label to release the tracks {Tiger Milk Records}.

The afternoon was soooo good, a masterclass by the ‘Don’ himself Mr Martin Morales, a cheeky  Pisco sour followed by Edinburgh’s finest (well, me and Jonathan Trew and Sharon ‘BITE’ Wilson to name but a few) prepping the zingiest, cheek sucking, freshest ceviche we’ve ever had the pleasure to taste. ‘Don’ Martin’s new book ‘Ceviche’ is out now. It’s seriously cool and if you’ve already got Jerusalem and Polpo weighing your book shelf down then make enough space for this one too, we love it.

And here’s Ms Monkfish attempt at the Don Ceviche…not bad? Tasted great 🙂

You can try it too, watch Martin prep the perfect ceviche here…

Ms Monkfish meets the ‘Don’! So that’s our brief encounter with Peruvian cuisine, it’s definitely tickled the Monkfish taste buds and we’re on the next train to London as soon as poss to experience the Ceviche chicha!

If you’ve not already clicked through to the Ceviche website then do it here…

17 Frith Street, Soho, London, W1D 4RG

E:    T: 020 7292 2040

Square Meal

Create:Eat – a collaborative dining event in Edinburgh

For those of you who haven’t heard yet……where have you been?! The dining event of the year is taking place in Edinburgh, October 2012. Mymonkfish food chum Aoife Behan explains more about her latest project – Create:Eat….

Create:Eat is a collaborative dining event, featuring the very best of everything. The idea is simple, take twenty-five collaborators; designers, chefs, mixologists, food and drink producers, food and drink retailers, artists, chocolatiers, coffee experts, photographers and film-makers. Ask each of them to donate a skill or an item that will contribute to a spectacular dining experience. Joining these people at the table will be another twenty-five paying guests whose contribution will have ensured that this amazing and unique dining experience takes place.

Create:Eat is the brainchild of Aoife Behan and Carol Soutar. They had an idea to put together a spectacular dining event which would showcase the talent in food,drink and design in Edinburgh. But the challenge would be to do it with out any upfront investment so they decided to crowdsource the all the elements required. After a request for collaborators on social networking sites, Aoife and Carol were overwhelmed by the responses.

With a venue secured, Trinity Apse, and the twenty-five collaborators in place; from multi-award winning Chef Neil Forbes, to artists such as Alice Dansey Wright, a truly mind blowing event awaits its guests. However, rather than selling tickets the usual way, Aoife and Carol have decided to crowdfund the event; offering tickets as a reward for pledges.

“We felt that this is more in line with the collaborative ethos of the project. We want our guests to feel that they are part of the event, that they have had an important role in making it happen and we plan to give them the night of their lives to thank them for their pledge”

For those that like to take a gamble, there are Create:Eat canvas bags that can be purchased for a pledge of £20. In one of the fifty bags available are two tickets to Create:Eat on 19 October.

The response to the project so far has been overwhelmingly positive, as a result Aoife and Carol are planning further Create:Eat events.

The Create:Eat dining event will take place on Friday 19 October 2012 at 7pm. At Trinity Apse, Chalmers Close just off the High Street, Edinburgh. Aoife and Carol are asking for £100 pledges in exchange for tickets- our page is live now.  The pledges will allow them to pay for the production costs and expenses involved in staging an event of this scale.

Read all about the project at

Create:Eat logo – thanks to Cristina Spiteri

Create:Eat shield illustration – thanks to collaborator Hannah Bloomfield