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Brock_Davis_05 Brock_Davis_09You’ve said it a million times and now you’ll definitely be saying it again after looking at these. Nothing to add with the exception of you making sure you follow Brock Davis on Instagram to see more of the same, and then some.tool-guide-Bitters

tool-guide-JuicerWe’re starting to feel festive at the Towers and what better way to get in the party spirit but make your own cocktails at home. Studio Neat have compiled this guide of essential cocktail tools to help dispel any confusion, and to get you on the right path to making tasty libations…’d be rude not to.
popcornballsMrs M is predicting HUGE things for popcorn for 2015, it’s going to be taking over your lives. So as a starter for ten how about trying out these breakfast popcorn balls as created by Emma Chapman over at A Beautiful Mess, which is a beautiful blog by the way. Favourite it now!
32700098_060_b 32700098_060_fAnd finally, this is DEFINITELY something we wish we’d thought of before but at least Urban Outfitters kindly did it for us…..yay…it’s on the Christmas List 🙂



Maps…We are huge fans of Herb Lester and their lovely little maps. They are ‘witty, pretty, curious and opinionated’….but in just the right amounts.

Whilst on our travels we’ve used several of these awesome maps particularly the London ones, of which there are are quite a few. They’ve just issued ‘London’s Larder’ which is a hit list of some of the most interesting charcuteries, fishmongers, brewers, cheese shops and butchers in London Town. Bring on our next trip to the capital but in the meantime you could purchase their Edinburgh map (which we’ve got and it’s great!) and hope that they’ll pop back soon to do their version of our amazing larder.

Do’nuts… a guilty pleasure or something you simply avoid? We thought it wouldn’t be long before ‘the doughnut renaissance’, we’re all bored of cupcakes yah? We spotted these at the weekend on twitter…Crosstown doughnuts…you can find them at various markets across London and they’re now being stocked in Selfridges food hall, yippee, another reason to head to the capital….
B2fFLvUIAAArQCABishopsgate-MarketBut where are the cool doughnuts in Scotland ?? Well….we were extremely lucky (up until October) to have Good Luck Kid doughnuts in Glasgow but they’ve hung up their batter boots for now….boooooo come back soon, we all miss you and there is a need for good do’nuts this side of the border….

The Budding Chefsare just back from their week long gastronomic adventures in Paris and Brittany. The six ‘budsters’ are from the Scran & Scallie, Ondine, Canonnball, Monachyle Mhor and The Bon Vivant and were accompanied by the fabulous Fred Berkmiller of L’escargot and Craig Sandle, executive chef of the Pompadour by Galvin.

The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014
The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014 The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014 BC14_MusselFarm_AlbieClark The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014 The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014The Budding Chefs in France, November 2014

Budding chef Emma Mills said:  ‘There were many highlights of this memorable week; from being treated to a tasting menu at Olivier Roellinger’s Le coquillage – what a wonderful experience to taste food in its natural beauty; to a 5 course horse meat tasting at Taxi Jaune in Paris. I was convinced but not so sure on the brain; I don’t think I will be putting that specific part on the menu here at Cannonball!’

And can you believe that we’ve been lucky enough to dine at Taxi Jaune in Paree, totally recommend you go if you get chance.

If you want to know more about the Budding Chefs then head over to to find out what they’re up to. What an amazing opportunity for our brilliant young Scottish chefs to see and do amazing things in France….and then come back to Scotland and cook even better dishes than they did before! It’s a win win for all of us!

Historical feasts…If you’re free this Saturday the Fireside Collective are hosting a historical supper in Riddle’s Court, Edinburgh, as part of Previously History Festival 2014. They will be serving a 4 course banquet similar to one that would have been served in 1598…

Fireside Collective logo - CMYKTickets are £45 and are available 

Neapolitan street food…Mrs M is off to Locanda De Gusti, Edinburgh tomorrow night for this….
Street+Food+Night+Locanda+JPG+Facebook She’ll be reporting back via BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Cafe this Friday so tune in at 1:05pm 92-95FM to hear ALL about it, she’ll be full to the brim with tasty Neapolitan street food and will be dying to tell you all about it….



Greetings from Monkfish Towers, it’s a lovely sunny day here in the Berg albeit a tad frosty. We love to eat, #simpleasthat and this illustration by Naomi Elliott sums it up for us today….for more of her lovely prints check out her website at

Last week was a whirlwind for Mrs M helping out with BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Cafe, lots and lots of fun though and thanks to everyone for visiting the blog during and after the programme. We gained lots of lovely new followers too so thank you for that.

Loads to share with you this week including this little lot…

The UK’s first cereal cafe…really? Do we need this? We’ll let you decide but you know what we think about beards…
Cereal_cafe_3095868aThe Cereal Killer Cafe (the name says it all no?) promises to bring you cereal, cereal and more cereal with the occasional pop-tart thrown in. It’s got FAD written all over it, give it 6 months? On the plus side they’re serving up ALLPRESS coffee and we LOVE allpress so perhaps it’s worth a visit just for that. Let’s hope those beards don’t get dipped in the milk jug too often…..

Cheese making kit…
We’ve been introduced to The Big Cheese Making Kit this week and will be trying one of them out soon at the Towers. In the meantime you might want to add it to your christmas shopping list. Apparently 70% of recipients are men and we all know how hard it is to buy for the men in our lives – this could be the answer…
The BEST cheese sandwich…
Felicity Cloake's perfect grilled cheese sandwich
Felicity Cloake tells you everything you need to know about the might ycheese toastie…or should that be a grilled cheese sandwich? If it’s all about two ingredients, bread and cheese, then get those right and you’re on to a winner…apparently! Read all about it at over at the Guardian.

I wish cheese was a vegetable…
If you think that the perfect ‘cheese toastie’ was one step too far then you can always dream about this. The perfect notebook for you…

The Sustainable Restaurant Association in Edinburgh…
Last week Mrs M attended the SRA ‘do’ at the Scottish Cafe in Edinburgh and met all sorts of interesting people. If you don’t know much about what the SRA get up to then have a look at their website to find out more.

Visiting Scotland at the ‘Ingredients for Success’ event were speakers James Withers (Scotland Food & Drink) and Guy Grieve (The Ethical Shellfish Company) who helped to celebrate the positive part that Scotland are playing in the food ‘revolution’. Mrs M was literally high-fiving when she got home as the event really captured the call for action that we need when it comes to supporting our local food and drink producers. A great event!

The Food Revolution Daily…
Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.26.37 Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 12.26.26Yet another Jamie Oliver website?? Yep but this one is a bit different…bringing you daily news of all the latest food stories that matter. We really like it, saves you searching and googling around for articles as it takes information from hundreds of sources, it’s a bit ‘right-on’ but we can handle some of that every now and again. Bookmark it and see what you think.

And if you’re one of those ‘chocolate really goes with cheese’ folk (seriously?!) then you might want to whip up a hot chocolate today to slurp with that toastie….


Lots and lots of things are happening during October and we’ve got lots of things we want to tell you about too….so here is this month’s round-up. If we’ve missed anything crucial we’re sure you’ll let us know but here’s what we think is trending in and around Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond…

Fish…like your dinner delivered to your door? No brainer…of course you do. Like to put in a bit of effort and make it your own though? Well, ok, as long as it doesn’t take too long… One of the quickest ‘fast foods’ we eat a lot of at the Towers is fish. Good old fish, monkfish, haddock, cod, sole, hake, salmon, mackerel, yep, we’ll eat it, love it, squid, mussels, scallops, yep, we’ll take them too. Imagine if it was delivered to you in a box as fresh as the proverbial daisy. Drum roll, it’s here…fish in a box #fishbox

safe_image Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 09.33.50

Think ‘Graze box‘ but you’ll need to run to the fridge with the contents a bit quicker than you do with a bit of muesli and a few nuts…

Two companies are currently on the Monkfish radar…Coast and Glen and EatFish. Last week we sampled Coast&Glen’s £35 box and it was brilliant, it was posted on Wednesday, arrived pronto on Thursday packed in a polystyrene box with ice gel packs. Fresh fresh fresh.
Coast and Glen Coast and Glen

So our five days of fish went something like this…
Thursday – pan fried hake with a mustard and cheddar crust
Friday – pan fried monkfish with fennel and garlic
Saturday – grilled mackerel with roasted vegetables
Sunday – lemon sole with the best cauliflower cheese and peas
Monday – we put the cod in the freezer for another day but fully intend to wrap it in parma ham and roast it, yum.
We had to think on the spot what to do with the fish but that made it more fun, we’d never had monkfish with fennel and garlic before but it was really really good, thank you Rick Stein for the inspiration. Recipe HERE.
Coast&Glen come highly recommended from the Towers, find out more about them at

We’ve not tried EatFish yet but we will…and we’ll let you know what we think. Like them on Facebook HERE and keep an eye out for their new website coming soon.

If you’re missing the #GBBO (that’s the Great British Bake Off for those unfamiliar with the ‘hashtag’ usage….) then you can don your pinnies, whack up the oven to Gas Mark 6, grease and line your springforms and grab a hold of that whisk, as it’s baking time once more! This time you can whip up your signature bake all in aid of the Beatson Cancer Charity….

Ambassador for Beatson Cancer Charity James Morton of {hashtag} GBBO fame has all sorts of ideas for you over on the Beatson website so hop on over there now. A bake off at The Towers is imminent if Mini and  Mr M can manage to get their acts together….
To order your exclusive Bake it for the Beatson event kit, visit www.bakeitforthebeatson.orge-mail them or call 0141 212 0505. DO IT!

Here’s #minimonkfish in action already..
Mrs M has been eating her way around town as usual.
Dinner at Cannonball last week, the new addition to the Contini family, blog post plus FOOD photos coming soon..
A catch up with friends at The Vintage, Leith, always goes down well, great charcuterie and yummy beers…
Bacon butties on Sunday up at Craigies farm..
And if you’re at a loose end this Saturday you could head over to our chums house Alright Treacle for a Halloween inspired supper club..more info HERE

Terra Madre!!

If you’re lucky enough to be flying to Italy today and going to Terra Madre, enjoy! For more info see their website HERE


Bon Voyage x



Come on Monkfish, are you serious? No! Never take things seriously, life is too short for that. So if that means eating your boiled eggs (with soldiers) from a Sumo egg cup then do it…imagine the fun?! Here’s a film to prove it….
So, you’ve got your Sumo egg cups, what else do you need in your life…a trip to Wales? I think so, particularly if you can visit somewhere like this…
Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 13.56.53
This is THE DO FARM, a unique venue in Wales for creative types who like ‘off-site’ meetings but best of all they serve up amazing food in cool tents. We want to go there NOW!
I00Q8007 static.squarespace-2 static.squarespace-1 I00Q8754
Cool ain’t it?

Thinking about Christmas yet? Eeek…well, you can start a bit of present shopping research can’t you? This is ideal for the nuts in your life..
Introducing the Robot nutcracker, click to purchase HERE

Why are ALL water bottles round? Well they’re not any more…how handy is this?
Perhaps a tad hipster, will it take off? Pretty inventive we think plus it’s dishwasher friendly, re-usable, BPA free. Get one!

Thanks to Swiss-Miss for inspiration as always 🙂