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Enjoy the film? Here’s a wee bit more about Bloombox

Offering fresh, leafy green, seasonal salads topped with edible flowers and delicious homemade dressings sourced from Edinburgh’s local organic farms. The salads are packaged in compostable boxes (thanks to vegware) they will be delivered straight to you. Ms Bloombox will be cycling around the city at lunchtime using social media to broadcast her location.

Riding a rather fetching bicycle Joy has definitely got the Keira Knightly about her….and news just in, she’s just hit her £3500 funding target so expect to see lots of salads around town very soon!


Summerhouse Crowdfunding Campaign Video from Developing Perceptions on Vimeo.

A good friend of ours, Claire Rennie (@berrieclaire) from Berry Scrumptious is about to set foot in the dizzy world of lemonade making. She’s had huge success as a producer of award winning chocolate covered strawberries but now she’s about to start a new challenge! Not only is she venturing into lemonade making but she wants to take her lemonade on tour in a summerhouse on the back of a van. Crazy stuff.

Please take a few minutes to watch her crowdfunding film and look out for her on the road this summer at food events, festivals and other exciting happenings! You might not be able to grow lemons in Scotland but you can brew a great lemonade (all other ingredients will be locally sourced) #factoid


Monkfish has talked about Brooklyn before and caused a quite a stir amongst the ‘locals’ who were aghast that we referred to the ‘Mast Brothers‘ as ‘very Brooklyn’…and dare we repeat it ‘hipsters’….however, we do love Brooklyn, we have been there and we think they are doing very cool stuff when it comes to eating and drinking.

So, let us introduce you to the The Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain . It has some of the best shop fittings we’ve seen recently. Vintage heaven…we think they’ve got it just right.

As part of our ongoing endeavours to talk about ‘local’ and ‘artisan’ we can happily report that the Farmacy sodas are all made with Brooklyn-based P&H Soda Co. syrups; ice cream comes from a small, all-natural producer in the Adirondacks; and the cupcakes, pies, and even red-velvet twinkies hail from local bakeries – keeping it local, just what we’re passionate about here at Monkfish Towers. To top off our excitement they’ve just opened a ‘pop-up’ at the flagship Kiehl’s store in Manhattan. And you know how much we love a pop-up….

Photos courtesy of Barry Whittaker 

For more info on some of the local artisan suppliers the Farmacy uses click these links:
Adirondack Creamery
Hudson Valley Milk
P&H Soda Co.
Fox’s Syrups 


Mutton…tough as old boots? Not necessarily.  Depends on a) who’s cooking it and b) who’s supplied it, read on.

Yesterday the Monkfish attended a ‘Mutton vs Lamb’ masterclass hosted by various lovely people including Sascha Grierson (the supplier – from Hugh Grierson’s organic farm) and Neil Forbes (the chef) brought together by Slow Foods Edinburgh in the cosy surroundings of Cafe St Honore.

To the uninitiated ‘mutton’ is a very under used product which, as I was to find out yesterday, is a crying shame as the flavours and texture and intensity of the meat is a delight for any chef to work with.  To begin the masterclass Neil and Sascha talked us through the differences between lamb and mutton.

To begin, a few facts. Continue reading


Hopefully you’ve just clicked on and watched the lovely cartoon above and it’s struck a chord? Mymonkfish has long been a supporter of all things ‘local’ and I think this film comes up with new ideas for how people can do that.

Mymonkfish is as guilty as the rest of us when it comes to supermarket shopping but recently here at Monkfish Castle we have been trying really hard to shop more locally. One or our top fave foodie destinations is ‘Earthy Foods‘ (might have mentioned that before)….yes, you’ll find it more expensive than ‘Tesco’s’ but blimey, what top quality produce we’ve been buying. And the taste!! Our veg shop the other day included the most delicious tomatoes courtesy of Phantassie Organic and the most delicious steak that we’ve ever tasted (cooked to perfection by Ms. monkfish I hasten to add).  Shout out to Hugh Grierson’s organic butchery based at Earthy Foods in Edinburgh.

Mymonkfish is very passionate about this subject, more and more we want to know where our food is coming from. At the same time we don’t want to preach to the converted…….as monkfish fans you’ll know that ‘artisan’, ‘organic’ and ‘local’ are our values and we are very passionate about them. The more mymonkfish evolves on this whirlwind culinary adventure the more important these values are becoming. Let’s keep our farmers in business and try to buy ‘local’ whenever possible.

Right, soapbox away, time for dinner! Mr Predictable, get those chicken kiev’s in 😉 (I know you’ve all got enough intelligence to know I’m joking….he is partial to the odd Frey Bentos though, yikes, must put a stop to that….)

If this is important to you too please leave a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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