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Old dogs….definite new tricks….

So, here we are again having a cheeky Sunday evening soiree, just me and Mr P trying to stretch the weekend out as long as possible…

David Ramsden quietly opened up Seadogs a couple of weeks back at a location on Rose Street. Building up on his success with The Dogs (Hanover  Street), which was followed by Amore Dogs, then Underdogs (a fab bar under Amore Dogs – chesterfield sofas and armchairs, a home from home) and now the arrival of Seadogs…that man knows how to please the gastrophiles in Edinburgh.  And… mentioned previously on my blog I was aptly awarded ‘customer of the month’ during one particular month last year – I must have eaten at The Dogs at least 4 to 8 times….oops……in the space of two weeks…..yikes…..and probably glugged a good few vinos at the Underdogs too at which point David awarded me said title… So, needless to say I couldn’t wait to try the Seadogs out.

We were greeted by the charismatic Mr Ramsden – hats off to him, whenever he opens a new venture he puts his all into it…..a complementary prosecco on arrival, nice touch.

Seadogs does what it says on the tin – fish and chips done extremely well (choice of beer batter or oats)……then fish…. fish….or strangely enough fish……(unless you’re a vegetarian who are suitably catered for too). If you don’t ‘do fish’ and are not a veggie then you’re going to struggle, this one is for fish lovers only and the food doesn’t disappoint.  Prices are in line with the other two Dog restaurants – amazingly low considering the quality of the food on offer.

Mr P didn’t let me down and went for beer battered coley with mushy peas, tartare sauce and chips.

Good old fish n chips

I went for a tomato sea food chowder (large portion of!) which was a steaming bowl of healthy soup with chunks of fish, tomatoes and mussels.

Tomato sea food chowder, yum

I enjoyed Seadogs, the quirkiness is still there, maybe not in bucket loads like the original Dogs but I’m sure that will come.  The food was good, the menu really different and interesting and for those who don’t want just ‘fish and chips’ there is plenty going on to please all sorts…wine list also good…we never made it to dessert, far too full…I forgot to photograph the starters but they were delicious – home cured sardines with red cabbage coleslaw for me, smoked mackerel with peppered rhubarb jam for Mr P.  A large red vino each, two coffees and change out of £35, no complaints there!

There seem to be plenty of us in Edinburgh who love what David and his Dogs are up to, go and find out, his reputation goes before him 😉

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More about monkfish

It wasn’t until I started thinking about my menu choices the other day that I realised I really do have a thing for monkfish…there was only ever going to be one title for this blog and it was only ever going to include the word monkfish. I know I go on about cakes (blimey, come on ladies, who doesn’t?!) but I do always veer towards fish when a menu gets put in front of me. This has been further confirmed in the last 2 days as I’ve had to make menu choices for future dinner dates….monkfish comes out top yet again.

look at the crazy monkfish!

look at the crazy monkfish!

Future dinner dates, mmm, a tricky one really, how do you know what you’re going to feel like eating in four weeks time???  My best friend has done me proud and has organised my ‘extremely sensible hen weekend‘ which is going ahead in a few weeks time…the WHOLE EVENT revolves around food, wouldn’t have it any other way would I?

Friday night….hens arrive, eat tapas buffet stylee washed down with a few glasses of prosecco and oh, we’re getting our nails done on the side, let’s not forget the detail..

Pampering PLUS food = good time.

Saturday…hens do lunch in town….hens have tea and cake mid afternoon…hens go for dinner in town at champagne bar (we are going here – The Biltmore) and eat their ‘future choices’ decided upon this week (MONKFISH ANYONE?)…wash down with large quantities of prosecco, hic.

Good girlie day and night out PLUS food = good time.

Sunday, hens do much needed hangover brunch at brunch venue in town….scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, toast…the whole shebang.

Good chat PLUS hangover food = good time.

OMG, I love food, roll on that weekend! 8)

Magic mackerel

Anyone been watching economy gastronomy? This magic mackerel is from ‘leon’, a super cool book from eg’s very own allegra mcevedy….unfortunately i only get to go to LEON when i’m in london but this book can bring their delights into your own home. Magic mackerel looked EXACTLY like the picture from the book, i was so chuffed….super-food packed with essential oils and even gives you extra brain power….win win!  I made this ages ago but as I have just started my monkfish blog i need to get all the past successes on here ASAP!  Check the link to LEON and treat yourself to a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

Last night’s successful fish pie!

Wow, another winner from jamie! This time from jamie magazine aug/sep issue…page 58….summer fish pie. Much lighter than usual and an absolute taste sensation…mouth watering stuff…packed with fennel, leeks, wee bit of red chilli, single cream, white wine, salmon, smoked haddock and prawns and topped off with smashed new potatoes and mint….i’m dribbling just thinking about it….leftovers tonight, can’t wait!

My marvellous monkfish

My marvellous roasted monkfish with black olive sauce from Cook with jamie page 225!!…served with lemon mash…yum….have made this twice and both turned out like the picture…marvellous… Got the monkfish from edinburgh’s farmers Market..deeelish!

Fact blog fans…this is the inspiration for my blog..I made this a few weeks back, took yet another photo and the blog was born… my marvellous monkfish!  I have all these photos on my iphone just waiting to be shown to foodie lovers everywhere.  Enjoy reading and keep blogging 😎