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Last night after pouring a very large Hendricks and tonic….classy….we put 87 minutes on the Monkfish Towers clock and got stuck into another Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal.  Yes bloggers, we’re not daft, Ms Monkfish, the number cruncher took 30 minutes, times’d it by 2.9 and cranked the stop watch up to 87 minutes. Then battle commenced…..

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Opening gambit – if truth be told here at Monkfish Castle we can take or leave a curry…..not that we don’t appreciate the finer spices in life but we’ve kind of got bored of them. Maybe that’s because we OD’d on them as students many moons ago or maybe that’s because in our beautiful home town of Edinburgh we sometimes struggle to find anywhere* that lives up to the curry reputation of either Birmingham or Manchester where we spent much of our yoof.

*A notable exception is of course Mother India, a Glaswegian institution which luckily for us opened its doors in Edinburgh a few years ago.

Stop the clock!! All that is about to change or it did change last night!

We dined at Mithas, the lovely new ‘fine dining’ Indian restaurant in Leith.  Wow, take back much of that first paragraph as we have re-found our love of all things curry….  With fine dining decor to match – private booths, Tom Dixon copper lights, sleek wooden fittings, and the best bathrooms I’ve ever seen in an Indian restaurant (these things are important!) the Monkfish can happily report that Mithas is definitely not ‘curry in a hurry’.  The service was splendid and our food was very very exciting.

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There’s such a lot going on in Edinburgh right now that to talk about any of it on monkfish ‘dot com’ would likely result in my ramblings being lost in the ether that is cyberspace. I bow down to my fellow Edinburgian festival bloggers (all hail Edinburgh spotlight) who will lovingly talk you through everything you need to know about Edinburgh in August (including the weather and celeb spotting, most recent spot being the Hoff-meister!).  In the meantime I’ll distract you with another talking point, tinned fish. Continue reading


Beer battered haddock ‘n’ chips and a pint of your finest real ale please! The Starbank does what it says on the tin – ‘pub classics’ – you know what to expect and are duly greeted with a menu that covers all bases, lasagne, burgers, steaks, and the odd global dish such as Chicken Tikka Makhani.

Recently refurbed the pub’s clientele are a mix of old and young who sit comfortably alongside each other in very welcoming surroundings. Continue reading


Phew, first off apologies for my time away…me and Mr Predictable have been doing all sorts of nonsense but mostly ‘stuff’ that involves the letters ‘D’, ‘I’ and the dreaded ‘Y’…and boy, how time consuming that little lot is.  We’re not talking hours or days here, literally weeks of the stuff.  Since Jan 2010 to be precise…!!!! Guess my own fault for marrying what can only be described as a DIY perfectionist, and that trait mixed with my impatience at all things interior don’t a good match make 😉  I digress…

Needless to say the cooking reluctantly took a step back and the takeaways of Edinburgh made it to the short dial on our landline…surprisingly some were actually quite good! More on those another time… We did venture out too bloggers, it wasn’t all about yellow pizza boxes arriving in mini coopers and foil trays, small bags of salad and blue plastic bags (Indian takeouts of our lovely city, that’s you!). I have a few eating establishments to blog about too so watch this space.

Anyway, no more excuses, let’s cut to the chase. Finally I had time this weekend to come up with this little number…

Jamie O and his fantastic fish lasagne

Jamie Oliver, love him or hate him?  I’m of varying mixed opinions (mostly average to very good) depending on who I’m talking to but the proof is in the pudding and just look at this little pudding!  I’ve invested a lot of money in Jamie O’s books as I find the recipes really accessible and sooo flavoursome and this fantastic fish lasagne was a triumph.

This is out of his ‘COOK with JAMIE’ book, page 78. It’s a Venetian style baked fish dish (salmon, cod and prawns, yum) that is ‘really special’ and no doubt ‘pukka’ too 😉  We both loved it and there are leftovers aplenty, result.

Another hit for me and Mr P, well chuffed with effort put in (quite an effort, more length of prep time than anything majorly complicated) and tasty tasty very very tasty.  Prep time allowed the chef plenty of time to slurp a nice chilled Gavi, delish.

Today I am loving Mr O 🙂