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Opening in one of the oldest inns on the Royal Mile, the White Horse Oyster Bar is the latest venture from the team behind the city’s Chop House Bar and Butchery (read our review here).

Who’s cooking?

Chef Scott Ralston heads the kitchen.

white horse oyster bar


What’s the vibe like?

With exposed stone walls and leather banquettes the restaurant has an upmarket feel akin to its two sister restaurants in Market Street and Leith. Interior-design lovers will love the work that’s gone into the extensive refurb, from the cast iron radiators to the stunning marble green bar top which gives the restaurant a luxurious bistro feel. The vibe is casual, unstuffy and very cool for this part of town.

Read our full review over on Olive Magazine dot come HERE!

white horse oyster bar


White Horse Seafood and Oyster Bar
266 Canongate



Lots and lots of things are happening during October and we’ve got lots of things we want to tell you about too….so here is this month’s round-up. If we’ve missed anything crucial we’re sure you’ll let us know but here’s what we think is trending in and around Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond…

Fish…like your dinner delivered to your door? No brainer…of course you do. Like to put in a bit of effort and make it your own though? Well, ok, as long as it doesn’t take too long… One of the quickest ‘fast foods’ we eat a lot of at the Towers is fish. Good old fish, monkfish, haddock, cod, sole, hake, salmon, mackerel, yep, we’ll eat it, love it, squid, mussels, scallops, yep, we’ll take them too. Imagine if it was delivered to you in a box as fresh as the proverbial daisy. Drum roll, it’s here…fish in a box #fishbox

safe_image Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 09.33.50

Think ‘Graze box‘ but you’ll need to run to the fridge with the contents a bit quicker than you do with a bit of muesli and a few nuts…

Two companies are currently on the Monkfish radar…Coast and Glen and EatFish. Last week we sampled Coast&Glen’s £35 box and it was brilliant, it was posted on Wednesday, arrived pronto on Thursday packed in a polystyrene box with ice gel packs. Fresh fresh fresh.
Coast and Glen Coast and Glen

So our five days of fish went something like this…
Thursday – pan fried hake with a mustard and cheddar crust
Friday – pan fried monkfish with fennel and garlic
Saturday – grilled mackerel with roasted vegetables
Sunday – lemon sole with the best cauliflower cheese and peas
Monday – we put the cod in the freezer for another day but fully intend to wrap it in parma ham and roast it, yum.
We had to think on the spot what to do with the fish but that made it more fun, we’d never had monkfish with fennel and garlic before but it was really really good, thank you Rick Stein for the inspiration. Recipe HERE.
Coast&Glen come highly recommended from the Towers, find out more about them at

We’ve not tried EatFish yet but we will…and we’ll let you know what we think. Like them on Facebook HERE and keep an eye out for their new website coming soon.

If you’re missing the #GBBO (that’s the Great British Bake Off for those unfamiliar with the ‘hashtag’ usage….) then you can don your pinnies, whack up the oven to Gas Mark 6, grease and line your springforms and grab a hold of that whisk, as it’s baking time once more! This time you can whip up your signature bake all in aid of the Beatson Cancer Charity….

Ambassador for Beatson Cancer Charity James Morton of {hashtag} GBBO fame has all sorts of ideas for you over on the Beatson website so hop on over there now. A bake off at The Towers is imminent if Mini and  Mr M can manage to get their acts together….
To order your exclusive Bake it for the Beatson event kit, visit www.bakeitforthebeatson.orge-mail them or call 0141 212 0505. DO IT!

Here’s #minimonkfish in action already..
Mrs M has been eating her way around town as usual.
Dinner at Cannonball last week, the new addition to the Contini family, blog post plus FOOD photos coming soon..
A catch up with friends at The Vintage, Leith, always goes down well, great charcuterie and yummy beers…
Bacon butties on Sunday up at Craigies farm..
And if you’re at a loose end this Saturday you could head over to our chums house Alright Treacle for a Halloween inspired supper club..more info HERE

Terra Madre!!

If you’re lucky enough to be flying to Italy today and going to Terra Madre, enjoy! For more info see their website HERE


Bon Voyage x


IMG_0237We’ve done a lot of fishy things this year which is handy as we like to get our Omega 3’s topped up on a weekly basis. Our work with Scottish Salmon has been really exciting, from a recipe creation and photo shoot at Monkfish Towers to Mrs M cooking at the Scottish Salmon stand at Eat Drink Discover Scotland 2014.

Here she is in action…with a little help from her ‘sous chef’, the lovely Mark Heirs, who has taken part in Masterchef the Professionals and has worked with all sorts of exciting people. Continue reading


On Monday Ms Monkfish was lucky enough to catch the ‘Ceviche ‘pop-up’ restaurant tour’ as it pulled into Edinburgh and stopped off at Mark Greenaway’s restaurant at the end of a ten date UK wide masterclass tour. Ceviche is Soho’s finest Peruvian kitchen and Pisco Bar serving up the freshest fish, super salads, the best limes and chilli’s with kicks that kick like you’ve never been kicked before! To top it off they’ve sourced the coolest 1960’s Peruvian tracks to accompany your restaurant experience and have set up their own record label to release the tracks {Tiger Milk Records}.

The afternoon was soooo good, a masterclass by the ‘Don’ himself Mr Martin Morales, a cheeky  Pisco sour followed by Edinburgh’s finest (well, me and Jonathan Trew and Sharon ‘BITE’ Wilson to name but a few) prepping the zingiest, cheek sucking, freshest ceviche we’ve ever had the pleasure to taste. ‘Don’ Martin’s new book ‘Ceviche’ is out now. It’s seriously cool and if you’ve already got Jerusalem and Polpo weighing your book shelf down then make enough space for this one too, we love it.

And here’s Ms Monkfish attempt at the Don Ceviche…not bad? Tasted great 🙂

You can try it too, watch Martin prep the perfect ceviche here…

Ms Monkfish meets the ‘Don’! So that’s our brief encounter with Peruvian cuisine, it’s definitely tickled the Monkfish taste buds and we’re on the next train to London as soon as poss to experience the Ceviche chicha!

If you’ve not already clicked through to the Ceviche website then do it here…

17 Frith Street, Soho, London, W1D 4RG

E:    T: 020 7292 2040

Square Meal


Image by mymonkfish

Last night after pouring a very large Hendricks and tonic….classy….we put 87 minutes on the Monkfish Towers clock and got stuck into another Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal.  Yes bloggers, we’re not daft, Ms Monkfish, the number cruncher took 30 minutes, times’d it by 2.9 and cranked the stop watch up to 87 minutes. Then battle commenced…..

Continue reading