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One minute I’m in the gym leg pressing a 160kg (personal best!) the next I’m eating Baxters Chutney. Here’s how….

The phone rings…it’s one of those ‘shall I, shan’t I’ moments when you’re in the zone and work calls can wait or at least go to voicemail for half an hour.

However,  Mrs Monkfish is, to quote Fireman Sam, ‘always on duty’ so what the heck, I answer. Is this is the call I’ve been waiting for?  “hi Hilary, you’re invited to a cheese and chutney tasting over lunch but you need to be here in the next hour….oh, and it’s going to be filmed. Is that ok with you?” FINE!

Within 60 minutes I’m showered, changed and heading up to Baxters HQ, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh for a cheese and Baxters chutney tasting over lunch. So glad I picked up the phone 🙂

There is cheese, lots of. In fact, there is so much cheese on the table my cheese sweat starts before I’ve even begun to tuck in. What a spread. Did I mention the chutney? Many of you probably know about Baxters chutney, you’ve probably even got some in the pantry but who knew that a chutney could add so much to the cheese tasting process! They can make or break it which I found out during the course of the afternoon. More on that later….

Darren Sivewright, Baxters HQ development chef and ex Masterchef semi-finalist 2015 no less, had put together a cheese and chutney pairing fit for Christmas! Perfect timing!

To assist me in the cheese feast were  Ms Foodie Quine and Ms Foodinburgh, renowned Scottish food bloggers, I was in good company.

Baxters chutney and cheese tasting

This being Baxters HQ of course we were treated to the Baxters Chutney range which had been brilliantly matched to the cheese by Darren and had baked lots  goodies to boot including gingerbread, oatcakes, parmesan straws.

Food bloggers don’t tend to hold back when it comes to taste tests so it wasn’t long before we’d made a good old dent in the tasting, it’s amazing what can be achieved in under an hour!

Baxters chutney and cheese tasting

During our ‘lunch’ we also had a chat about cheese etiquette and if there was such a thing. Well, of course there is but all concluded that at the end of the day life is for living and cheese boards are for eating. So, if you like to match your goats cheese with a date chutney spread on a baguette then go for it. If you want to slice your cheddar the wrong way (is there a wrong way?!?!) and spread it with chilli jam then do that too. Above all, get stuck in, enjoy what’s in front of you, share it with friends and family or keep it all to yourself. Cheese etiquette? Bah to that!

Cutting the cheese correctly, discuss.

Well, this is a sensitive subject for many, including a good friend of mine. Yes, there is a correct way of cutting the cheese but we don’t always think about it at home. Don’t just hack away at it for goodness sake my cheese connoisseur chum cries. Crumbs, I have hacked away at cheese on several occasions without really thinking about it. Bottom line is if the cheese is the shape of a slice of cake then you should always go from the edge to the point which means you’ll get the full flavour of the cheese. In the middle it is more flavoursome and towards the edge less so. Now you know.

On to the spread. The cheese spread….


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I had such a brilliant but ‘unexpected’ afternoon and those ones are always the best! Who knew that Baxters Pineapple, Coconut and Zesty Lime Chutney would match so well with brie and gingerbread?! This was definitely my favourite combo of the tasting, the chutney has a slight curry flavour, a bit reminiscent of picallili which is one of my guilty pleasures. It cries 1975 and the Good Life but I don’t care, I really love it!

Stilton and pickled beetroot tapenade was also a winner for me. I love strong flavours but not ones that try and out do each other in the process. This combination loved each other, blue cheese really does love a purple vegetable, it was classic.

If you follow Baxters on social media then you will see some footage of our cheesey afternoon very soon. If you don’t then you can follow them here:

Facebook – Baxters UK 
Twitter – Baxters Food UK

baxters chutney tasting

baxters chutney tasting

baxters chutney tasting

Baxters chutney and cheese tasting

Huge thanks to Darren and the team at Baxters plus Multiply for organising. See you next time, can we do Fray Bentos tasting next time please? I’m trying to relive my yoof 🙂

Disclaimer {#sponsoredpost but I love Baxters and if I was ever stuck on a dessert island and happened to be on Radio 4 chatting to Kirsty Wark about it I would definitely take a Fray Bentos steak pie, a tin opener, some pineapple chutney and the Best of Wham. Then I would be happy.}

Over and out 🙂


Wagamama St Andrews Square Edinburgh

Wagamama St Andrews Square Edinburgh has landed. Another Wagamama????? Does that hit you like the news that yet another Pizza Express is opening in your home town even though there’s 11 already? Or that Starbucks thinks that 20 stores is seriously not enough in Edinburgh so they’re now trying to squeeze in 4 more? Well, it probably does, although this particular Wagamama has landed in the most perfect position possible. It’s nestled between the awesome Dishoom (we do go on about it I know) and the *yet to be ventured into as* Refinery….
Yes it’s a chain but there has been some serious thought put into the layout, decor, interiors, (call it what you will), of this particular Wagas as it’s pretty funky and is definitely more interesting than it’s sister outposts on Lothian Road and Ocean Terminal. Both of these have looked rather tired of late so this restaurant makes them look like they really know what they are doing rather than following the same old format. All good so far! Continue reading




We’ve fallen in love with our new kitchen table and it’s not the one in our kitchen at Monkfish Towers! No no no, we are talking about Kitchen Table Twelve Triangles which opened in Leith a month or so back.


Brought to you by the fabulous ladies behind ‘Twelve Triangles’ on Brunswick Street and (more recently) Portobello and, with a finger in the proverbial pie at Salt Horse on Blackfriars Street too they can do no wrong. Kitchen Table does what it says. They have one large kitchen table, big enough for 16 with added elbow room. Continue reading



DISHOOM EDINBURGHThe first Dishoom opened in Covent Garden in 2010 and a further three restaurants in London followed. Now open in Edinburgh, their first outing outside of the capital is proving a huge hit. Expect all day hospitality in a 1920’s era, with food inspired by the Irani cafes of 20th Century Bombay.

In a nutshell

Dishoom was founded by Shamil and Kavi Thakrar and Amar and Adarsh Radia: the first Dishoom opened in Covent Garden in 2010 and a further three restaurants in London followed. And now, Dishoom Edinburgh has opened, their first outing outside of the capital is proving a huge hit. Serving up food inspired by the Irani cafes of 20th Century Bombay expect all day hospitality in a 1920’s era ‘Grade A listed’ three storey building formerly used as a warehouse for Forsyth’s department store.

Read our full review of Dishoom Edinburgh over on Olive Magazine HERE.

And if you’ve not visited Dishoom Edinburgh yet…(? where have you been hiding?!) then you can find it on St Andrew’s Square, Edinburgh.

Full menu and more scrummy pictures over on the Dishoom website HERE.

Dishoom Edinburgh
3a St Andrew Square
Edinburgh EH2 2BD





Good Brothers Edinburgh, our review for Olive magazine…

Good Brothers Edinburgh,  founded by Graeme and Rory Sutherland, is bringing the natural wine movement to Stockbridge, Edinburgh alongside some outstanding Scottish cuisine. Yes, it’s all about the wine (there’s over 100 of them on the ever-rotating list) but that doesn’t overshadow the fantastic food.

GoodBrothers edinburgh

Who’s cooking

Head chef Maciej Szczepanski has created a menu of classic Scottish cuisine with a twist to accompany the wine selection that includes organic, biodynamic or natural. Chef Maciej has spent the last ten years working his way up the chef’s ladder in the US, Europe and the Far East. His philosophy on fresh produce, seasonality and sustainability is shared with Graeme and Rory….

Read the full review over on Olive magazine HERE….

Good Brothers Edinburgh

Wild mushrooms, truffled confit egg