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No words required….just enjoy the view!

It’s all go!

Just exhausted at the thought of all the food going on in my life at the mo!  Super excited about baking easter cupcakes tomorrow, the mini eggs are at the ready…lovely Jamie O recipe lined up for Easter Sunday – roast leg of lamb with aubergine and tomato (tried and tested, tis yum)…..and to top it off am having super exciting week watching masterchef semi finals and following masterchef on Twitter.

Life doesn’t get any better than this! Gregg Wallace aka Pudding Face is lapping it all up by the cake load.

Particularly fab episode last night cooking for the ‘lovely ladies of the WI’….that huge victoria sponge cake looked amazing although perhaps rather large slices were served for the ‘lovely ladies of the WI‘ (as some of them commented) but all of them proceeded to devour it nonetheless!

😉 got to laugh, my keen interest in baking and all things ‘cake-like’ actually stems from one of the ‘lovely ladies of the WI’….Mrs Monkfish senior (my mum!).

Photos coming up on the blog this weekend, watch out 🙂

And follow Pudding Face on twitter, hilarious.

Willy Wonka chocolate cupcakes?! I’m there!

Looks like I’ll be visiting here this weekend… off the press…..I have just been reliably informed that Victor and Carina Contini have spread their wings to the National Gallery of Scotland.  I do like Victor and co…(aka the Contini Corporation….Centotre, Zanzero…..), I know they have fingers in many edinburgh pies but most of those pies are rather lovely and I’m yet to have a bad experience yet whilst visiting one of their many establishments.

The good news for all you cupcake fans is that apparently…stop the clock….the new cafe serves WILLY WONKA chocolate cupcakes!!! The Contini’s have championed Willy Wonka’s Venezuelan chocolate for a while so it’s only fair to have made some cupcakes with it!


YUM! (image courtesy of The Scottish Cafe menu)

OMG, I can’t wait for the week to end now so I can run into town and get my hands on one…watch this space for a review and lots more photos, excited or what?!

Marvellous Magnolia strikes again…

Talk about Pavlov’s dog…I’m dribbling just looking at these little beauties! A friend of mine was in NYC last week and I asked her to par-take in a few Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and take some photos (all for the sake of baking journalism you understand)…she didn’t fail her mission and here are the results.  Unfortunately she ‘forgot’ to bring some back for me…some friend that is bloggers!

Two little things of beauty!

Two little things of beauty!

Just in case I was in any doubt she didn’t manage to eat the lot she was kind enough to take these photos too…you go girl!





Marvellous Magnolia, I’m coming to visit you soon 😉