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Ho ho ho…..a very happy christmas to all mymonkfish fans!

Remember, Christmas is ALL about the eating, and the drinking, and the over indulgence, don’t hold back! Jogging bottoms are a ‘great look’. And if your christmas lunch, pudding or cake didn’t (or don’t) go according to plan, panic ye not, there’s always next year…

See you in 2012 for more Monkfish ‘tails’ ūüôā


Meet The Baker….
Monkfish tails takes you behind the scenes at the Manna House Bakery in Edinburgh….read all about Drew Massey and his artisan baking, his passion for bread and our 5am alarm call…


Beetroot. Love it? Hate it? Not really sure….this might get your beetroot buds tingling, take a sneaky peak…

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

If we had a zillion hours on our hands here at monkfish castle that’s the exact video we would have made to pronounce our love of beetroot! On a recent episode of the Great British Food Revival the self proclaimed ‘greedy Italian’ Mr Antonio Carluccio uncovered some beetroot facts and brought us the shocking truth about how this beautiful purple root vegetable is losing the plot in our fields. ¬†Yes, in the last thirty years half of our beetroot fields in the UK have disappeared.

Please forget your childhood memories of pickled, over-cooked, vinegary slices! Get roasting, carpaccio-ing, baking and saut√©ing this amazing purple root veg, it has endless opportunities in your kitchen! Let your imaginations run wild…it’s earthy, sweet, nutty, versatile and delicious and it loves a salty accompaniment. Think smoked fish, goat’s cheese, capers, fennel, game and beef, the list is endless.

photo credit : GETTY

And don’t forget, it’s not all about eating these mighty purple ones – beetroot is now getting used in a proper grown up way too – as an ingredient to some of the finest cocktails shaken and stirred in the UK. Wow, happy days. Come on monkfish fans, get to your local farmers market this weekend and purchase some lovely beets – your life (and health) will be better for it. Bring back the beet!

“Beetroot is a remarkable, healthy and delicious vegetable that is fast becoming ubiquitous at the nation‚Äôs most fashionable dinner tables ‚Äď the days when it was simply picked and served from a jar with salad cream have long since disappeared. It‚Äôs healthy, versatile and delicious ‚Äď and finally gaining the popularity it deserves.” Mark Hix




Falcon enamelware
At Monkfish Castle we certainly enjoy¬†reliving our ‘yoof’ and when revamps of good old classics rear their heads we get very very excited. Falcon Enamelware is currently enjoying such a revamp. ¬†Established in 1920 Falcon quickly became an icon of British Home Life and with its simple design it’s instantly recognisable.¬†To introduce the new look packaging and design to the world Falcon had a ‘pop up’ shop at last month’s London Design Festival in the Tramshed, tres cool, tres Blighty. It makes this monkfish mighty proud to be British.

London based designers¬†Kiwi&Pom¬†are responsible for the new look Falcon and what a superb job they’ve done.¬†Brilliant photography by Sam Stowell, a no-nonsense overhead approach, very similar to the monkfish approach, always gives you the best results!

The ‘pie-set’ has got the monkfish name on it, as has the ‘bake-set’, in fact the whole lot is on order and we can’t wait to¬†use them in the Monkfish kitchen.¬†For more enticing pictures and to see the entire product range visit Falcon Enamelware here. Warning: you’re going to get hungry…..fabulous food photography from Mr Stowell #welljel ūüėČ



Photography Sam Stowell
Video stills Juriaan Booij