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IMG_7851Afternoon tea. It’s a good thing. It should never be rushed. It should always be taken with a very good friend, a friend with whom you can ooh and aah with over every single delight presented to you on a 3 tier cake stand. It must must must be on a cake stand, without a cake stand it simply can’t be called afternoon tea. It must also, in our book, be served with a chilled glass of champers and a huge pot of tea.

Well, luck should have it, that’s exactly what happened at Cafe Portrait last week for Mrs M and her partner in crime, Barb. Continue reading


Not shy when it comes to eating cake, (yes, really), Ms Monkfish practically pole vaulted* off the sofa when presented with the opportunity to ‘take afternoon tea’ at the ‘pop-up’ Pommery Bar, just off the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

*she’s been studying the technique during the Olympics and have to say has pretty much perfected it

After a very successful ‘pop’ last year and making the most of the Festival madness the Pommery Bar (based at the Signet Library) is back once again to satisfy the champagne quaffing, cake scoffing Edinburgh massive. And believe us, there’s plenty of ’em.

Not one to ‘take tea’ alone Ms Monkfish invited along Ms Convivium Wine to join her and share in the calorific delights that were presented. Turns out Ms Con-Viv is also not shy of chomping a cake or three (Marjorie, what a co-incidence) so between them they managed to see off most of the following….and in no particular order! Yep, no shame when eating with friends, and if that means cake before sandwiches then so be it!

Afternoon tea….DONE. Particular highlight for Ms Monkfish were the fruit scones with fresh berries whilst Ms Con-Viv was a major fan of the savoury variety featuring sun dried tomatoes, chomp.

If you like what you see then fear not, you’ve still got time to peg it up to the Pomm and enjoy a similar experience. Click the pic below to take you straight to a champagne afternoon tea discount voucher! See, we’re really making it easy for you now…ENJOY! Great venue, great cakes, and if you seriously can’t manage ALL the cake in one sitting then doggy bags are GO.


Of late this blog mostly seems to have been about cake….OK OK, I hear you, it’s been ALL about cake – so I thought I’d finish the ‘ongoing theme’ off nicely (for a while) with a review of Mimis Bakehouse, the new ‘cake kid on the block’ down in lovely sunny Leith.

What better way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon than with a pot of tea or two……. Continue reading


3 o’clock, time for tea!  Mr Monkfish senior insisted on a good old cuppa char at 3pm EVERY day, come rain or shine, work day or school day, christmas day or any old bloomin’ day….3 o’clock was recharge battery time, kettle on, brew in the pot, relax.  I’m happy to say that this tradition is still with me and I try to pass it on to everyone I come in contact with, it’s part of my family tradition and long may it continue, it’s what us Brits do best after all. Continue reading

The best egg sarnie ever!

It’s official, this is (was, as now eaten…) the best egg sarnie ever made! Walnut bread from Manna bakery on Easter road (THE best) and warmish hard boiled happy eggs, rather retro and rather yum. I can now carry on with the joys of diy a happy girl!