EDINBURGH'S HIDDEN GEMSThat is the question…. as we’re rolling into Autumn already I’m wondering where the year has gone. I’ve spent little time writing anything for my own blog but have written plenty of stuff for others. That’s kinda caused me to fall out of love with Mymonkfish dot com which I’m a little sad about.

This year has found me taking a million photos of food and posting them to Instagram (occasionally…). I’ve eaten a lot of food and drunk quite a lot of coffee. I’m always talking about food – where’s the next big thing, what’s opening this week, what’s closed last week, where are you eating this weekend. Have you been anywhere new recently, was it good, what did you like, what should I order….blah blah blah.

This little blog of mine started as a hobby. It quickly grew into more than that and it eventually enabled me to give up the 9-5 life and leave a world I was never really that comfortable in.¬† It’s allowed me to be my own boss, have a freelance career, balance work and life, and family, and friends. It’s allowed me to study and qualify as a nutrition coach (YAY, shout out to the BTN Academey), it’s allowed me to take a step back and live life to the full all day every day. I’m forever banging on at people about making the most of life, getting on with it, taking risks and maximising opportunities. Live your life before it’s too late.

So this post, only my third of 2019, will either be the start of a new chapter for or it might not be. But I’m not going to make that decision right now. I’m going to enjoy my life. And I’m going to eat the finest food I can, when I can.

In the meantime I’ll hop back on here when I feel like it but mostly you’ll find me posting pictures HERE.¬†Where I don’t have to actually talk about them that much, just add a few filters and get a bit fancy pants with editing, add a few trendy hashtags and then I’m done. I can finish my flat white and get on with my day.

And do you know what prompted me to write this? A conversation with a friend of mine this week who has made the biggest decision of their life to date. And it’s absolutely the right thing for them to do. And I’m delighted that I’ve been on a a journey with them and maybe influenced them a bit along the way.

What’s right for me right now is to sign off from this post, and grab a flat white and a HUGE piece of carrot cake at the Pastry Section in Stockbridge.

Over and out xx

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