Cosmo Edinburgh, we’re coming for you!

COSMO EDINBURGHWhen you’re offered all you can eat within seconds of your front door what’s a girl gotta do….the fam were super excited at the prospect so off we went to hit up Cosmo Edinburgh which quite literally is ‘on our doorstep’.

The excitement of an all you can eat buffet was twofold. For Mini, he just couldn’t believe that you can keep going back for more, and more. For me, I just couldn’t believe he could eat that many gyozas in one day.


Cosmo, otherwise known as a Pan Asian restaurant and in some quarters (google), the ‘World Buffet restaurant’ has a great selection of cooking stations from quite literally, all over the world. What soon becomes apparent when entering Cosmo is that mostly people are here to eat Chinese food, Japanese Teppanyaki and an indian buffet spread.

Yes, there’s other options, pizza, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (yes!!!), and, if you’re 6, a dessert station from heaven.  Mostly folk are eager to fill their boots with asian cuisine. And you can see why. The Teppanyaki station cooks fresh king prawns, steak, and scallops to order in front of you while you wait patiently with your plate in hand. The chefs flip gyoza, splash on the sauce of your choice and then you help yourself to pickled ginger, seaweed and an array of sushi.

Chinese fans are delighted to be able to tuck in to crispy duck pancakes and hoisin sauce alongside mountains of noodles, beef in black bean sauce, sticky chicken wings and prawn crackers, dim sum and sweetcorn soup.

For the Indian food fans there are mountains of chicken tikka, pilau rice, pakora, saag aloo, naan breads, poppadoms, you name it, they have it.
Cosmo Edinburgh is like a different world. No, IT IS a different world. You walk through the doors and you feel like you’re on a cruise chip…it is quite literally a HUGE space. The organisation of the dining room is mesmerising. Staff are buzzing about, clearing plates, taking drinks orders, refilling, replacing, refilling again and making sure that the 200 customers are happy. Are we actually in Edinburgh because it really doesn’t feel like it!

When you’ve had your main course plate cleared and refilled a few times it’s probably time to visit the dessert station if you’ve room for more. A chocolate fountain is there for the taking! Marshmallows get shoved on sticks which subsequently get shoved in to the chocolate and piled on to plates. The kids love it, the parents probably less so! Bowls full of sugary sweets (why?!), mini cheesecakes, ice cream, trifles, eton mess, popcorn, pancakes, and, in case you wondered, there are some healthier options too if you fancy a fruit salad selection.

Cosmo is a spectacle. You are in people watching heaven. It’s very noisy which won’t suit everyone but it feels like the kind of place a group of teenagers could go and everyone in their gang would be happy. Any fussy eaters in your group won’t have a problem as there is something for everyone. Vegans may struggle and I felt there was a distinct lack of anything green in the house with the exception of green beans. There are some veggie dishes scattered around but they I don’t think they are as inspiring as they could be. Catering on this scale is clearly a different ball game and if the masses are happy with it then why break it.

Did we like it? Yes, on the whole we did.
Customer service was second to none. Value for money at Cosmo is incredible if you are prepared to eat your entire day’s calorie allowance in one sitting. Many people of course eat lots more but for us that wasn’t the point. We were there to check it out and enjoy the novelty of it all. If you are thinking of ordering a Chinese take-out on a Saturday night then you’re likely to get better value by hiking up Leith walk and going to Cosmo. You’ll be talking about it all week.

Cosmo Edinburgh
Omni Centre
Greenside Place,

cosmo edinburgh

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