yo sushi to goWe quite like Japanese food at the Towers so imagine when Yo Sushi knocked on the door one day and offered up a HUGE takeaway so that we could sample their new #tokyotogo takeaway menu! Back of the net. Happy days.

With very little hesitation required we perused the menu ‘online’ and placed our order. Although unable to deliver (hrmph) we jumped in the Monkfish Motor and headed up to Harvey Nichols Yo Sushi to pick up the goodies.


yo sushi to goIzakaya range, offering you the opportunity to try one of the newest foodie trends, ‘Izakaya dining’, at home. So what exactly is ‘Izakaya dining’?

Well, actually, the strict definition is a Japanese informal gastro pub, a kind of after work bar where you can chillax and enjoy a couple of courses and a few drinks. The pace is slow so you can’t be in a rush and you’re likely to sit at low tables or at the bar. A kind of tapas type thing I suppose. Sounds good to me. According to the Yo Sushi marketing peeps it’s well ‘on trend’ at the moment. You heard it here first.

Options on the new Yo Sushi menu include Teba No Karaage (crispy fried chicken wings), Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake), Maguro Katsu (breaded tuna) or Seabass Nanbanzuke (sweet and sour seabass on rice).

Really like the graphics that Yo are using and the new menu is pretty cool, here’s a few snaps of it here…

yo sushi tokyo to go

Pretty cool huh?

yo sushi tokyo to go

They’ve even got sweets!!!!

yo sushi tokyo to go

We ordered quite a bit to be fair but we felt it was important to get an overall feel for the new menu and try out all the new dishes. So along with the obligatory sushi and sashimi we tried out some new cold rice dishes, a couple of hot dishes which came in the cutest ‘hot pots’…

yo sushi to go

And the rest of it…with plenty of pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce included…
yo sushi to go
Great fun for a saturday night, totally loved it and will definitely do it again soon. The hot pots could have been hotter but that’s down to my driving skills from St Andrew’s Square back to the Towers and a quick 10 minutes on gas mark 2 sorted them out. Have always loved the concept of Yo Sushi, it makes Japanese food more accessible to the masses. Ok, it’s not completely authentic but it does a pretty good job of it. And it’s ALMOST as good as sitting in Yo Sushi itself.

Now, who can I call to get that conveyor belt installed around our kitchen table…..

yo sushi to go
The new Yo Sushi To Go menu is available online now! For pick up from your local branch. Go get it.

We used our local branch of Yo at:


Fourth Floor,
Harvey Nichols 
30-34 St Andrew Square

Tel: 0131 341 1771

Email: yo.edinburgh@yosushi.com

Opening Times:

Monday: 11.30am – 5.30pm
Tuesday – Saturday: 11.30am – 9pm
Sunday: 11.30am – 5.30pm






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