wildmanwood pizza edinburghPizza? Thin crispy base? Simple toppings? The best garlic bread? Cool ‘east london’ interiors? Something a little bit different? Great beers?

OK, that’s the headlines and Wildmanwood pizza ticks all of them off and then some. We really really like pizzas but only the really really good ones. As in the kind you get at Pizza East in Shoreditch, or Soderberg and Civerinos in Edinburgh. The base has got to be super thin but well baked so it’s crispy and not soggy. The toppings need to be creative but not complicated. Simplicity and quality of ingredients is key. Move over carb heavy dough, gloopy toppings and soggy bottoms as the kids these days want sourdough bases, a smidge of tomato sauce and the finest cheeses and charcuterie in town.

wildmanwood pizza edinburgh wildmanwood pizza edinburgh Brand spanking new (literally a week old) and kindly brought to Edinburgh for us by Malcolm Iness, (he of Ting Thai Caravan and the Outsider) our expectations were that a) we’d like it and b) it would look pretty cool…  Yep, on both counts. We’re both naturally drawn to restaurants that have great interiors and at Wildmanwood they’ve nailed it.  Everything has been so well thought out from the vintage cutlery trays, the long benches, the concreteflooring…the list is endless. Wait until you see the bathrooms…worth eating a pizza just so you can visit them. We’ve got photos but go see for yourselves… wildmanwood pizza edinburghGarlic focaccia with rosemary and sea salt served with a pesto dressing. wildmanwood pizza edinburghGoats cheese, rocket and sobrasada pizza.wildmanwood pizza edinburghYay, outside seating.

Situated near George Square and within spitting distance of tens of thousands of Edinburgh university freshers this place is sure to do well just like it’s very good neighbour Ting Thai Caravan does (which has frequent queues out of the door).

The pricing is spot on, pizzas vary from £6 to £8 each. The pizza oven itself is a talking point, brilliant to see such a huge wood burning oven in the middle of a restaurant and to be able to watch the chefs in action. We’ve heard on the grapevine that the staff spent 4 weeks in Napoli learning their pizza skills, great to hear that this kind of investment is being spent in order to get something right before opening. We enjoyed it, we’ll definitely go back. Delighted to see some outside seating in Edinburgh too…we do have good weather sometimes, honestly.

Wildmanwood pizza hit the mark for us, we’ll be back.

Wildmanwood pizza
27-29 Marshall Street, Edinburgh EH8 9BJ

Not much web presence but then that’s Malcolm’s thing, a little bit of intrigue goes a long way….believe the hype, trust the reviews then go try it out for yourself.

Read more about the best Pizzas in Edinburgh in the new Phaidon book ‘WHERE TO EAT PIZZA’, the last word on the slice. Mrs Monkfish has her say on page 149, buy the book HERE.

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