Hilary Sturzaker

Step away from the Monkfish! The time has finally come to tell you a little bit more about me, Hilary Sturzaker. I love writing under my pseudonym Mrs Monkfish but sometimes I quite like being me too.

I love food – creating it, eating it, talking about it, taking pictures of it (a lot) and writing about it. So much so that I’ve actually carved a career out of it. Amazing!

A career in the sunny world of Financial Services had its positives (just a few) but 16 years of it was enough for anyone. I actually hung up my adding machine and filed my spreadsheets back in 2012 when Mini Monkfish was born.  I saw a glimmer of hope on the horizon that I could potentially make food a much bigger part of my life. So I did. And I have.

HILARY was born in 2009 from a love of food photography and wanting to share my creations from the kitchen. This was waaaay before Twitter turned up and way way waaaaay before Instagram, iCloud, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and the rest! The blog has been (and still is) great fun and my love for food photography continues to grow. I literally can’t put down my iPhone when I’m out and about much to the annoyance of others who shall remain nameless….Mr Monkfish…! Snapping the next #flatwhite (of which there are many in Edinburgh, lucky us), finding the next best dish on the next best menu of the next best eating place in Edinburgh is my life. And I love it.

In between snapping the next #flatwhite (and usually while slurping one) I’ve met the most inspiring and creative people – you know who you are! Some of whom have become my clients and most of whom have become my friends. They’re the ones that don’t have time to shout about what they’re doing as they’re too busy doing what they do to the best of their ability for you!

Food. Drink. Craft Beer. Wine. Gin. Coffee. Cakes. Sourdough. Herbs. Brunch. Food trucks. Small plates. And that’s just the short list.

The last 3 years+ have been a blast, the best is yet to come. If you see food differently, want advice on business strategy, online presence, social media, content, how to position yourself online, and more, then get in touch.
Hilary Sturzaker

Thanks to the awesome photographer Luigi di Pasquale for taking snaps of me last year in Timberyard, he did the best he could with the subject matter 🙂 Me and a monkfish, what else?! And the odd glass of wine, goes without saying really…



4 responses to “ME ME ME….HILARY STURZAKER!

  1. Hi Hilary! Just a wee message to say I love your blog and it is nice to see the person behind it! I’m also in Edinburgh so have found lots of tips from your writing!

    • Hi Jules, that’s so kind of you thank you! Tbh I was fed up of dressing up as a monkfish so thought the time was right to come out the fish van!! x

  2. Hello. We will be visiting Edinburgh in October and would be very interested in attending a bespoke dinner or a supper club. Is there an updated list? What would be your recommendations? Thank you!

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