SEA URCHINS and other animals…

IMG_2178edinburgh food studio(photo credit Edinburgh Food Studio)

The past 7 days for us have mostly consisted of sea urchins… Yes indeed as last Thursday we were at the Edinburgh Food Studio…been yet? It’s a must. We were eating sea urchins…and they were still moving about…just a bit… This kinda freaked Mr M out but he still managed to ‘sample’ them under pressure from me 🙂

So, the story is that Ben Reade of the Edinburgh Food Studio is good friends with Roddie Sloan. Roddie is a diver (for sea urchins and then some), he’s originally from Dumfries but fell in love with a Norwegian lady and the rest is history. He popped over from Norway last weekend with a box of sea urchins (hand baggage I believe) and told his story, he cooked some food (yum) and entertained the dining room, what a very nice man.

If you don’t know much about Roddie then you can read more HERE. This is a really cool article from the Guardian telling his story, it’s fascinating.

sea urchins, roderick sloane

Roddie is good buddies with Rene Redzepi no less and if you know anything about Noma but have never been (but REALLY REALLY WANT TO) then this new movie might be for you.

There’s more to the story. On Tuesday I chatted to my lovely friend Clare English who presents BBC Radio Scotland Kitchen Cafe. She had also been to meet Roddie Sloan, eaten a sea urchin and chatted about Noma. We have decided we will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get over to Copenhagen this year and have a cup of tea with Rene. And apparently Roddie is going to help us achieve this…well, that’s what he said so we are holding him to it.

CLARE ENGLISHThere’s Clare complete with clipboard at Punjabi Junction in Leith where we recorded this week’s show. If you’d like to hear this week’s edition of Kitchen Cafe featuring yours truly then click below to ‘listen again’ courtesy of the BBC iPlayer.


And if you get chance go and treat yourself to a sea urchin…Welch’s stock them, they might still be moving when you buy them but don’t feel too bad, they don’t have a brain (sigh) or a nervous system so even though they’re wriggling about a bit they’re really none the wiser…

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