LOVE love love this, only stumbled upon it yesterday whilst perusing Facebook etc but it really caught our eye. We were lucky enough to go to The Scratch Series at the start of this year which took place in Iglu, Edinburgh, run and hosted by Ben Reade and David Crabtree Logan.

Ben Reade has now created the Edinburgh Food Studio with Sashana Souza Zanella. Looking for investment via a Kickstarter campaign you can help to get the Studio up and running. Click the video above to find out more.

Edinburgh Food StudioThe Edinburgh Food Studio is a space dedicated to keeping food interesting. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings they’ll be open for dinner. The dinners will frequently be collaborative ventures with guest chefs, artists and people from diverse disciplines such as ceramics, botany, music, poetry or perfume.

They will host master classes and workshops on culinary techniques such as fermentation, foraging or butchery. These will be supplemented with a program of tastings, small conferences and product-based consultancy.

50% of the profits will go into researching and exploring Scotland’s food: its history, its culture and its future possibilities. They will publish this research on their website: so when you go to the Edinburgh Food Studio, you will enable them to disseminate knowledge.

For more info click HERE

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