twelve triangles

From the very same people that brought you Lovecrumbs……we are super excited to be able to introduce you to ‘Twelve Triangles‘.

Specialising in ‘donuts’, hello (!!) and all things ‘baked and savoury’ you are assured of a great coffee, a pretty awesome donut (doughnut??) and a rather large wall adorned with lovely green plants. Now there aren’t many places in Edinburgh that can do that. A great selection of freshly baked bread greets you at the door too. You’re not going to leave empty handed that’s for sure.
twelve triangles, edinburgh
twelve triangles, Edinburgh
twelve triangles, edinburgh
twelve triangles, edinburghtwelve triangles, edinburghtwelve triangles, edinburghtwelve triangles, edinburgh
twelve triangles, edinburgh

Cunningly disguised as a ‘jewellery repair workshop’ on Brunswick Street, EH7, we urge you to visit our new local hangout. We’ve been waiting for this in our neck of the woods…and in the words of Hot Chip…we ‘Need you Now‘ you tasty tasty donuts!

And if you’re wondering where the name came from pop in to see Hollie and talk to her about Dylan Thomas then all will become clear….kind of.

Twelve Triangles
90 Brunswick Street

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