March….another very busy month in the world of eating and drinking in Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond! We’re over halfway through the month, so much has happened already so we’re including a tiny bit of what you might have missed but a lot more of what you won’t miss. Boom.

This, is priceless….and we guarantee you’ll watch it to the end….

– Slow food BIG TABLE suppers Mrs M attended the most recent Slow Food BIG TABLE supper at Cafe St Honore which was pretty yummy.  Chef Neil Forbes served up Grierson Organic brisket of beef and we learnt a lot about soil from the lovely Sascha Grierson. You can find details of future slow food events HERE.
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–  Where have Cult Espresso been all our lives? We’ve just found our new favourite coffee spot on the Southside of town. Serving Roundhill Roastery and guest espressos make it the next thing on your TO DO list.

– A couple of new supper clubs have sprung up in town – Buck & Birch and Haymarket Supper Club– we’ve updated our Supper Club directory to include further details. The ‘supper club scene’ continues to grow which is fab news for Edinburgh.

– Mrs M has ‘gone live’ on STV this week with a cheeky wee appearance in an advert for Fish is the Dish! Blink, you might miss her….and tbh we don’t really recognise her, the hair and slap must have taken quite some time….

Mandolins – Yes, they are a useful bit of kit and we love them but crikey, ours has gone to the back of the cupboard after Mrs M had a ‘wee’ accident using ours whilst prepping for The BIG Dinner. Ten days later and the feeling in her fingertip has just come back. Be warned!

– Our BIG Dinner took place on Saturday 7th March, it was great fun despite the ‘incident’ mentioned above…. Currently funds raised stand at £24,000! Amazing! Not all dinners have been held yet so there is more to come. Huge congrats to Olivia and team for a job well done.

WineTubeMap events just announced! Yay, we love the WineTubeMap and they’ve just announced a couple of new wine tasting events in April and May. Find out more over at

Joy The Baker – well, she’s just got it all hasn’t she? We are regular readers of her blog, listeners of her podcast and viewers of her video channel. She can do no wrong. She is THE package. Totes recommend you go check her out.

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– We’ve STILL NOT BEEN but Century General Store, Marchmont, we are coming to get you.

BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Cafe moves to a new time this week – tune in on Thursday’s at 1:30pm. Diary note!

– Finally, stuck for an Easter gift? Bored of chocolate? Get one of these, go on, you know you want one. Space egg!
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